Monday, 16 February 2015

The Unmatched Confidence built over the years

The story behind the success of all achievers in the world is the story of confidence and hardships. The same goes for the achievers of Mona Townships, one of its kinds. The leaders behind the project of Mona Townships, Mr. Tejinder Pal Setia and Mr. Warangan Kr. Ralhan are the assets of the company. Three decades ago when they began with construction business, imagine the kind of hardships they must have gone through. There are so many things that go into paperwork itself. Experience gained in these three decades is what is coming out as perfection today.

Let’s have a walkthrough of the life of youngsters today.

Comparing the leaders with today’s youth.

When we youngsters face mess in our lives, we go on to create a fuss about it. Girls tend to become the drama queen and men store their frustrations only venting it out on the wrong people. We can well imagine the negative consequences of such behaviours. Creating drama out of a little inconvenience in their lives is the sign that they are not strong enough to face the hard facts of life. The young boys who easily get frustrated when work is not done according to their ways, their frustrations come out in the wrong shape. Today’s youth in general do not have much patience and want success at the earliest. For the youth longing for success at an instant, there can never be a guarantee of long term stability. Without creating a base or a foundation, the concrete walls is ought to collapse. 


The Foundation

Youngsters think that they can have their own ways of dealing with the success and success is all about money and just money. No doubt money defines power, but without re-defining your own skills the walls can topple down anytime. Money comes and goes, but skills can never be taken away from you. And that should be the motive of every youngster. On the contrary what they do is settle for jobs that are high paying, but is discouraging and atrocious making them feel as if the world of self respect never existed and yet they keep on working in the decrepit environment. The reason being that their bills are being paid and it’s solving most of their family issues. They don’t have enough courage to realize that their self- respect is being damaged by such jobs. To chase money is the work of a fool. Damaging the self-esteem has never done well to anybody.


Hard Work, from which many run away, thinks that easy money is the only solution. They have a mindset that lives are based out of luck and there is no prime importance given to hard work. There is simply no substitute to hard work. Instead work on skills empowerment, work on things that make you different from the rest, and the realization that there are just so many things in the world to explore your skills with. Even if getting an education is not under your budget, then keep improving the skills that you have and there will definitely be a market where you can sell your skills, then see the change it will bring in your personality and you can savor the taste of hard work.

This is what a foundation is defined as, for any person who is oriented towards making a good career out of their lives. Building up skills is the only foundation one can think of. For even constructing houses, the prime importance is to build the foundation without which the house will soon face its disastrous results; similar concept goes with the lives of human beings.

Willingness to endure 

Life has ups and downs, During the time of struggle when there is need for endurance, most of us back out at the thought of crisis. But that is not how it should be. For enduring with circumstances is when we know we have to become stronger. Running away from crisis can never be a solution to it. If life has its happy moments, it’s obvious that it has its own set of tough times.
Times, when we begin enduring the tough times is also when we get stronger and then we are aware that we can handle just any situations of life. That is how many leaders have taken risks, crossed the barriers and have stood through times easily. That is when stability and sustainability comes to play.

Life up & down

Experience Counts so does sustainability

When we commence doing any work, we are ought to face the nuances of the jobs that is assigned. Once we deal with a hindrance, the next time if a similar kind of hindrance needs to be dealt with it will not be a problem. Gradually there will be thousands of hindrances that need to be dealt with. If anyone quits while facing these problems, then there is no chance that one can reach anywhere. However, for non-quitters this is the sign of great endurance level which eventually begins to show signs of success.


Considering all the factors that go behind making great people proves that how these two great gentlemen, the chairman of Mona Townships, Private Limited Mr. Tejinder Pal Setia and Mr. Warangan Kr. Ralhan have reached the apex.

The progress over the years. Learning from mistakes, and never making them again enhances their professionalism. Over the span of three decades the projects in their bags are mainly concentrated in the Northern states especially Punjab. Projects are mainly concentrated near Chandigarh as seen below: 

Projects in Zirakpur:

1.     Mona Aero View - Constructions has been completed and is ready for the buyers to move in.
2.      Mona Greens – 2 BHK, ready to move in, 3 & 4 BHK, possession next month.
3.      Mona Greens – II – Full swing construction going on.

Projects in Mohali: 

1.       Mona City – Full swing construction going on.
2.       Mona Paradise Apartments - The project is sold out entirely.
3.       J90 – Latest project launched by Mona Townships

Considering the way they are scaling the ladder of success, we can only expect miraculous projects from them in the near future.

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