Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Good Vibes Coming From Homes

Amongst the vast opportunities, that the man is surrounded with and amongst the galore of options, at times it becomes difficult for him to come to a conclusion and  instead get more confused so as to what option would be best suited for him. Why is this major confusion? Why is there such a vast expanse of options? When someone opens up a new venture in the market or someone comes out with an innovation and the same innovation if its a huge hit amongst the audience, then the others follow suit which in turn develops into a story or it somehow finds spaces amongst the audience. If the innovation fails their stories dies with them. Hasn’t it been noticed in the lifelong scenario? 

Innovative Home

A few examples that can be cited, when the Chat Messenger came into the market, WhatsApp was sort of an innovation and a huge hit amongst the audience not just in India but worldwide. When earlier messaging and social media platform was the major platforms for texting. From the time I remember being active on the social platform, initially it began with orkut then the trend shifted to Facebook entirely. Gradually the trend entirely shifted to Whats App. Though these two are different platforms but the main purpose that of being connected remains the same. However, with this great innovation of chat messaging many companies followed suit. Then followed the other chat messengers like, Hike, Viber, Chaatz, Line, We Chat, Facebook Messenger etc. All I am trying to say is greater the option available in the market greater the confusion for the audience. The customers will in situations like these they will either analyze the features present in every messengers and use the one which is best suited for them or they will use the product that provides them the feel good factor. 

Chat sticker
Marketing through messengers

Similar is the concept followed worldwide, for any business and for any industry standards or any marketing campaigns. A cadbury campaign is a hit the other companies will try to revolve their ideas around the same campaign and will not focus on a new idea instead. A movie actor from a famous movie, wearing a round neck collared shirt, the trend begins. Women with great dressing sense, all the other girls follow suit. A chaat outlet is famous in the busy market; the entire market will be named after the chaat wala. I can cite as many examples possible for new trends that have begun, just from one great innovation or one great idea people get numerous options to choose from, this can lead the buyers to more confusion. If the buyer is sorted in his mind and has done enough analysis as to what kind of product is required by him then the purchase becomes easy. Greater the price paid for the product greater is the need for analysis. Buying a house eats up almost all your savings so it’s imperative that many factors are considered while purchasing products which involve huge investments
What if the analysis done has all been pointing towards that home which scored best but the vibes aren’t good?

Not just in India but around the world many deals are made through the gut feeling. The interiors, the wonderful architecture is on one side which holds relevance in its specific segments but equal importance is given to the vibes that come from a house. In India when we do pooja even after buying a handset then imagine the importance that is given while purchasing homes. Well, I might not believe in idol worship but I will definitely go with the gut feeling and the positive vibes or the positive feelings that come from being around the house. It is just this natural instinct which is paved in every human beings and allows them to react to uncertainties with great strength and devour and we question ourselves that, “I made this major decisions on the basis of my gut feeling” but in time when we are proven correct our instincts get stronger. This phenomenon is followed world wide.

Good luck
Good Luck
The gut feelings or the sense of belongingness comes when one can sense security, good vibes come when one can sense that this is just the right place to be in. Everything seems just perfect even if defaults are noticed, in spite of that one default, the buyer is ready to purchase, the feeling is so strong that major decisions in life are made out of the gut feeling of being around in that particular space. The environment of the house of where it has been set all of which have only positive messages coming out of them. 

Positive Energy
Positive environment at home

With that gut feeling people also link their fortune, good luck and prosperity. Well, we are Indians and we are well aware of situations where superstitions are given importance.

Concentrating the mindset of majority of the Indian families when buying a home is that they think that if they buy a home, it can result to greater good luck as considered to the present situation they are in. If they buy a home it can leader to greater prosperity and fortune. That is why when a house is bought a Pandit comes to offer his prayers to the house and guests are invited to bring in their best wishes.  
Prayer for Prosperity of Home
Care has been taken by Mona Townships in this scenario as well

Houses have a full fledged security system, where guards are placed in every block; the facility of CCTV camera surveillance is placed on every floor with an electronic door at every entrance that provides reconciliation into the minds of the buyer. Every room and floor has been designed keeping the good vibes in mind, each apartment have been designed according to professionals of Vaastu Shastra. Every nook and corner has been designed keeping vaastu in mind.

The feel good factors are the feedback received from many of our esteemed clients where they have spoken about the harmony peace and good vibes that come from these houses; these can be compared with the analysis reports.

 Mona Townships Flat

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