Friday, 13 February 2015

Owning a house provides security emotionally and financially

You are in possession of a new home which directly or indirectly has its influence on the financial and emotional security. Let’s have a walk through, what it takes to build up that emotional and financial security.

Emotional Security 

From the time we have begun acknowledging the ways of life, which mostly begins from pre-teens, we begin acknowledging that it’s imperative for all of us to stand on our own feet. A life where we don’t have to be dependent on our parents for money. Goals where we can pay our own set of bills be it for house rent, food, clothes, electricity, traveling and all the basic expenses. Life of struggle sets in at the time when we are thinking of opting for a career that will bring out the best in us. Smart students are well aware of what they want to do with their lives, so they opt for the course of study that they can be good at and at the same time have great scope. They eventually begin faring well in the studies and as well as their career. Not considering the exceptions of life, if they manage to do well with their career and begin making good money, no sooner they have the financial capabilities of managing their entire expenses and they are capable enough to own a car or even a home. Life is a struggle for them as well, but life is a struggle for the one who is more confused. At school they are never sure of the career that is best suited for them. In most of the cases it so happens that they fall into the peer pressure or even most of the time the career which is filled with glitz and glamor. Once, they move out they realize the struggles that is associated with the so called, “famous and glamorous jobs”. They face all kinds of conflicts associated with an incompetent worker though the goals, for most of them remain the same that of affluence. Initially earning just enough money for survival and gradually result in a process where they are affluent enough to do whatever strikes their mind. 


Now that they are out in the field, at the beginning the strife begins with landing up a job in a company. Which easily takes a span of three months if one chooses to work with a good company? There isn’t any dearth of jobs in the market, but every company would either look for experienced individuals or someone with a pre-requisite skills. However, freshers too are welcome but, in most of the cases it so happens that they will have to work doubles the hard in order to find a place for themselves in the company. If they fail to keep up with the expectations of the company then they certainly ought to get kicked out from the company. Getting kicked out may not be a very big deal but it has a huge impact on the self-esteem. They will recover from the situation but, this will definitely enhance their experience and make them stronger, as by making mistakes and failures is when we learn the most and the period of success begins. 

Similar struggles are faced by people who are running business of their own; it has never been easier for them too. Dealing with clients and hiring the right kind of people for work is another big task. The same process is involved, learning by mistakes and growing by not repeating them.

In both the cases struggles are involved, for there is a huge competition in the market and it has never been easier to keep up with the competition.

Fruits of Success

When the period of prosperity begins, one starts to taste the fruits of success. Initially when they manage to pay the bills for rent, electricity, food, clothing and travelling, then begins the phase where the standard of living rises and begins a new life, moving out to clubs, vacations, shopping at malls and living at better places, no sooner they are capable enough to buy a car and sooner or later a home for themselves. All of these criteria have a direct influence on the emotional security, for these make the lifestyle better. During the phase of struggle there was a huge compromise involved in the lifestyle, but after the steps of success, one gets transformed into a better individual. 


Financial Security 

At the stage of struggle our apartments were decrepit, because during those times we could hardly afford to pay for extra expenses. The priority of living in a home cannot be underestimated.  Living in decrepit homes or the hassles of paying rent on a monthly basis. Half of the money that we earn was spent in paying rent. And if there has been a situation where we were not able to pay for the rent, then the need to deal with the landlord animosity was again a difficult task. But it definitely bleeds to pay the monthly rentals. After the years of struggle, compromise and tough times we taste the fruits of success, which leads us to a life where we can easily afford to buy all the comforts of life, like owing a car and a home for our loved ones. There is nothing that beats the taste and the thought of owning a home, for it defines success and provides financial security. Buying a home has always been the best investment for any man in the world. Properties never depreciate in value; they only appreciate every year, for that is when you know that you have done the best deal of your life. 

Finacial Security

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