Monday, 2 February 2015

On the lookout for that one perfect address

We have gone through so many hassles while finding that one perfect address to set our roots. But most importantly how do we define that one perfect address? When we come back home from a hard day’s work we find ourselves nestled amongst the people we love and an embrace of dignity imbibes us. There might just be so many things to complain about but eventually land up in the space where nothing could move you, where all is only joy and an infinite love. 
Dream Home

The sad part is that, this kind of lifestyle is not always easily accessible to the most of us.  Most of us leave home at an early stage to meet our career goals which is not easily available in the hometown. We move out from our hometown to begin the life of struggle. A life that many think that is filled with adventure but that is not always the case. For it’s the life of struggle. There are times when we face riff – raff’s with the landlord at times when the job is not going well, we either loose the job or need to shut down the business that we have set. Commuting is such a huge problem, traveling through buses amidst the crowd but all of these have great benefits, they make them street smart. They are not dependent on their parents anymore for their livelihood and this is definition of the upcoming generation. They are willing to go way beyond the means, to achieve this livelihood but in due process they realize the importance of a home and how they crave for the home, food, the homely feelings and the infinite love. There are thousands of implications applying to all of us, but all of which only boils down to that one particular thing. Are we happy? Are we really satisfied?
Different set of people different mind sets.
They move out fresh in the city and settle for a house where they either share it with a group of youngsters who are leading a lifestyle same like theirs or they move in a place where they prefer to live in the company of their own. Both of them again have their own set of consequences. For the person sharing a room with other group at times get along really well. If they do then they eventually become the best of friends but that is again like an ideal situation, which is rare. Even the best of friends tend to set apart in the long run.  For girls has a different set of criteria’s compared to that of boys. Hygiene is a very important factor for many girls while boys can really go on without that. Girls need discipline while the other sexes lack the morality of it. Boys are more into the fun side of the arena while girls are more of the serious genre. 

Rental Home Or Own Home ?

For people choosing to live alone, are basically the ones who are tired of the other souls. Well, that was just a sarcastic remark. People wishing to live alone are just fine with their own company. They are not the serious ones but just prefer spending time solitary. They are mostly the introverts. They would like to brood about their lives and probably write about them.
Both of these set of people the extroverts and the introverts for whatever lifestyle they are leading and whatsoever work profile they are into, the longing for an ideal home is not absent from their minds. Either they are paying their own rents or have a flat on their own; the longing for an ideal home is the need of the many.The feelings that of owning a home is widely different from the one where we have to give rent to our landlords on a monthly basis. Half of the hard earned money is utilized in paying for the homes and the other half for the other monthly expenses. Let’s analyse the pros and cons of living in a rented and an owned apartment.

Rented Apartments
The hassles of maintaining good relationship with the landlords, while he keeps on knocking at the door every month to collect the rent and wanting the tenants to maintain the standards same as his. For example, by not allowing parties at home, even if they do then they will have problems with the maintenance. They will always come up with ways to create fuss. Also, the risk that landlord will probably sell out his own apartments, then the need to vacate the place on an immediate basis. At times when one is not able to pay the monthly expenses then the need to vacate the premises comes into the picture.  
Rent Agreement

Noticing, not just the negative aspects of having a rented apartment but also looking at the positive aspects of renting an apartment which is shifting to a newer place, one gets a wider knowledge of their city.
As said by Tad Williams, “Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You’ll find what you need to furnish it – Memory, Friends you can trust, Love of learning things. will go with you wherever you travel”.
Owned Apartments
There is no bigger advantage then having a home of your own. It’s a reassurance, the struggles that we go through; there is always something to look forward to. There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.
Your Home Builder- Mona Townships Pvt Ltd.

An owned apartment is an asset. You save yourself from paying monthly rents in the long run you save a lot of money. A home is always an asset, for it never depreciates in value. You save yourself from the hassles of paying rents every month. You can modify your home according your own requirements. You save yourself from shifting to places and in turn save a lot of time to make your future plans. 
Your Own Home

One of the biggest reasons that be at all the reason above, is the memories that come while staying at your own place. Memories not something that can be bought.
“Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need”

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