Friday, 30 January 2015

Atmosphere of Mohali is about to change, J90 is coming... Launching on 6th of February

Experiences have held importance throughout the years. They teach people what theory can’t. With experience the needs and the requirements of the people were learnt, being considerate towards their needs and at the same time keeping the modern approach in mind. There has been a discussion and debates regarding modernity. With time, it has been known that a company or a person who relate to the minds and needs of the people eventually go on to become a huge hit. If it can present itself according to the requirements of the people then you need not worry about the prosperity of the business. 

Let me cite an example of a leader an author and a business tycoon.Why is Chetan Bhagat the famous author a hit among the youth? It was because he introduced reading in an easy format especially for the non-readers and they now proudly proclaim themselves being a reader, so his books are easily sold. Another example of a great leader and a great business man, the need of a hollow tank to store water was the need during the 1900’s which could easily contain liters of water and at the same time resist heat, so a plastic water tank was produced by the Bharat Vijay Mills which was later renamed to Sintex Industries Ltd. Now every household have a Sintex Tank attached on their terraces. These are only two examples out of many, that I have cited, but there are many leader who have come up with various products and programs that the general public has been able to connect with. Similarly, is the theme for the next upcoming project of Mona Townships called J90.
Ever since the arrival of Mona Townships, people have been bewitched by its aura. It builds homes for people, people easily connect themselves with these homes the moment they see it and buy it instantly. Ranging from their projects in Zirakpur – Mona Greens, Mona Greens – II and Mona Aeroview to Mona Paradise in Greater Mohali and Mona City in Mohali. Considering that they have been in the market for so many years and that they have delved into the phenomenon of the needs of the people, they have now come up with the project in Mohali at Sector 90 by the name J90.
The rationalism behind J90 

The lifestyle of the majority business men is waking up early hours, get ready for their work, travel to their destination, slog all day, come back to home and get to their beds. This monotony schedule has hit the majority at large, that they don’t have just enough time to spend with their family, friends or even with themselves. Spending time alone, or even spare some time with family or friends is complain of the majority. Reasons being less-time, exhausted by traveling, long distances which cause huge hindrance in the schedule, then in case if there is some time opted for friends and family to enjoy with gets held up with a different route which makes up to the malls, leading to exhaustion even more.
Addressing the needs of the people and factors that determine a peaceful schedule, Mona Townships has come up with their project J90, where offices, business, commercial spaces and parks are clubbed together, to minimize the commuting hours and get enough time to spare with family members, friends and even yourself. This as a whole eliminates the exhaustion level and the travel time which can make a huge impact on the lifestyle of the people.
An Overview of J90
J90 J for Jade and 90 is the Sector 90 in Mohali. It is divided into three arenas, The Jade Business Park, The Jade Arena and The Jade Residency
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The Jade Residency
This has twelve blocks surrounded by an area of greenery, ample space for parking; a ground space for children to play around. The blocks as seen at the right hand corner which is clubbed together are the high rise apartments. There is yet another block as seen from the center towards the left side. The design of this block is different from the rest. Each apartment has a full height window from where the sun rays can be fully utilized. For security purposes there is CCTV on each floor with electronic entrance to each door.

The Jade Business Park
There are six towers dedicated to, “The Jade Business Park”. A seen at the center and the buildings from that fall on the right and the left from the building located at the center. These six buildings are dedicated to the offices, which includes business suites and all the amenities that are necessary for a business to keep running. From lavish entrance lounge reception to adequate surface for parking which is also clubbed with six lifts and includes modern exteriors façade. A 3-tier security is embedded with firefighting systems. The common areas like the washrooms and the pantry are lavishly furnished with power back up that ensures higher work efficiency. The business center is adorned with conference and seminar rooms, balcony is included in all offices. Large windows are available for the benefits of opening for natural lighting and cross ventilation. For recreation purposes green parks and cafeterias are included in the terraces which are clubbed with a dedicated drop off zone at the entrance. 

The Jade Arena
Jade Arena is one of the other towers of J90 project under which we have scope left for further enhancement of the area, one can expect showrooms, offices, hotels or motels to come up.
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