Monday, 26 January 2015

Patriotic Feelings, gone amiss

While we marvel at the thought over an ideal home, a dream job, an exotic and a long vacation, why not ponder over our country’s reformations over the past few years. This Republic Day let’s owe some thought over our country. Patriotic feeling which has been lacking among st the masses suddenly oozes out on this particular day and on the 15th of August. Why have they gone amiss? Where are the feelings of patriotism on regular days, when sparing a place for an elderly while travelling in trains that is humanity but it also comes with a purpose, when road etiquette are expected or when a voice is anticipated when you see someone being harassed? “We are not the hero”, that is the comment from most of us. But when such incidents occur and are displayed on screen all we do is disparage our Government.

Do we at all believe in our country? Do we even have slightest respects for our politicians? Moreover do we at all believe in our Government, our India? The parties keep slashing each other out in the media and we question ourselves, Are they really interested in the growth of the country or is it the power that matters most to them? For a project, how much they keep it in their pockets how much they genuinely spend the entirety in a project? There are just so many unsolved questions. Is it all a facade, the news that is being displayed?  These are a few questions reigning over the minds of the youth. These are the apprehensions of the youth. No clear answers to anything only a wave of pessimism have encompassed our thoughts.

The Politicians are powerful people and to be in power which is not a cakewalk. However to break a deal, to come up with a bigger plans, to be a part of a bigger project, it is a work that of people in power, it’s not the work of a layman. With an egalitarian mindset, I write this article. I am not here questioning the morals of our politicians, but even if they haven’t stood by the morals there have been developments in the country and why not look at the better side.

Whether the party you support is the Government or not, whether their thought process matches yours or not, there still have been developments in the country considering almost every segment has been taken care of, also because due to different mind-sets. Has it not? Then why not look at the positive side? There are loopholes in every system. One is expecting to be clean in every state, when we talk about hypocrisy which is the worst character trait in a human, but somehow or the other we end up being a hypocrite. Let me cite you an example, when asked by our loved ones, if we would go for shopping with them, but we have no inclination whatsoever but most of the time we end up saying, yes. Isn't that betrayal, isn't that a hypocrisy and then we end up questioning our leaders?

Looking at our leaders from time immemorial whether or not they were here for honest reasons, but they were there and were a part of a progress even if not major but there has been even a slight and this is what I’d like to focus my area on.

Breakthrough over the past 10 years in India
My views are break-even; with both the parties I have an equal set of negative and positive scenario. Highlighting the positive aspects and growth over the years I would like to explicitly state the progress report over the years.
Laymen do not have access to statistics then let’s have a look at the evidence that is prevalent to the eyes.

In the field of education
Haven’t we witnessed drastic changes in Education? The numbers of colleges and schools have increased over the years. Reformed education like online education which is the best medium for people on the job and Distant Education has taken place. Aren't these way’s leading to a progress?

Talking about Health Care
Haven’t we witnessed changes in health care? Hasn't the number of hospitals and health care units expanded? There has been an improved method of treatments, better facilities are provided and sophisticated instruments have come to market. There has been substantial increase in private and public hospitals, hasn't the country witnessed increase in medical colleges in their respective cities? India was declared Polio Free in the year 2012, isn't this a mark of an achievement? National Rural Health which was developed by the Government of India which is taking care of the people in the rural and remote areas at a much cheaper cost.

The Boom in the Tourism sector
India is known for its influential culture and rich heritage. Chennai, Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, and Jammu are the most visited places by tourists, there has been an unexceptional growth in the tourism sector, the hotels presently just have enough to accommodate. There are needs for more hotels, which at the same time will provide great opportunities for employment.

Television, Movies and Internet
From the money spend in advertisement to the kinds of movies experienced nowadays; from animation to visual effects we have seen humongous growth. Video experienced in YouTube has a consumption market of almost 80%. The kind of movies that we watch today are different that were witnessed in the year 2001. From the technicalities to the story line which is an indicator of explosion in the growth in these segments.
Marketing is influenced mostly by these industry, companies invest a humongous amount in these mediums to market their products.

The groundwork
Don’t we see the escalation of building in our areas? When we go back to our hometown after a prolonged period of time don’t we witness the number of increase in buildings? Not just in your hometown, but even in the cities where you live every colony, housing complexes, corporate offices if there has been an escalation in these segments then there has also been improvement in the designs. The highways in your city aren't those evidences of acceleration in the field of Infrastructure?

There has been increased participation of private sector in foreign and as well as domestic.

There has been rampant increase in the number of people moving in the cities from towns in search of job which is a clear indicator of increase and improvement in urbanization.

Economic Growth
India is known to have risen to the 4th standard in term of the largest economy of the world.
As you can see the developments has spanned an entire arena of sectors. If there is introduction to a new segment, Government will not retreat from spreading its hands and legs in that segment. Its perspective’s that matter, a positive attitude is the need of the hour.
So instead of questioning the morals of our politicians, and voicing our mouth against them,we should appreciate the efforts and enjoy being a part of the change.

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