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Zirakpur – Coming of age

Zirakpur, a small town near Chandigarh, the name was collectively formed from the bulk of villages. When Chandigarh was a fully grown up city, the places nearby began shrinking, hence the collective formation of Zirakpur. It was undoubtedly an agricultural plantation which then in the process got transformed into residential complexes. When the town was formed it had a population of twenty-five thousand only in the year 2001. The population then began increasing and in the year 2004 it turned to one lakh fifty thousand by 2010. 

What is the thing that is so capturing and captivating about this town, that people are migrating themselves to this village and forcing real estate developers to come up with projects in this area? 

What is captivating about this town?
Amidst the landscape of the vegetable plantations only a twenty five minute drive from Chandigarh which is barely 12.7 km. It is located in the range of Shivalik foothills. Kishanpura, Gazhipur, Lohgarh are many of the villages that are located in Zirakpur. It is a slow paced life it is nothing like you would look for in a city life. But that is what makes the difference. That is what is captivating about the town. Say for instance a person who is accustomed to living in the urban and has the lifestyle that of the modern. But not at all times can he be so engrossed by his modernity so as not look out for serenity. That is when the picture comes to play. The early morning breeze from the fresh fields and yet the modernity of living in extravagance in the houses build by Mona Townships is what makes the town Zirakpur the next best thing. 

The reasons cited above, are also the reasons for the escalation from twenty five thousand to one lakh fifty thousand, the reason for enhancement in the City. 

General Knowledge
The civil administration is governed by the municipal council which falls under Punjab in Dera Bassi. Mr. N.K Sharma is the leader and the only one from Zirakpur as the elected Member of Legislative Assembly. 

What is in there for the travellers?
The key attraction is the ChhatBir Zoo near Patiala Road.
The Chandigarh Museum and Art gallery are among the many tourist spots, included is the Rose and Rock Garden, which is situated in Chandigarh.

With the development of the city there also comes up the entertainment section that is the malls sprawling over Zirakpur. There are five prominent malls that are, Cosmo Plaza, Paras Downtown Square, City Centre amongst others.

Zirakpur is a junction of three National highways 21, 22 and 64. The local buses both non air-conditioned and air-conditioned are available. The neighboring areas include Mohali and Panchkula. Commuters traveling from Delhi to Chandigarh, Bathinda, Patiala, Rajpuria and then further to the cities in the northern India have to pass through Zirakpur.

The Patiala Chandigarh Highway and the Ambala Chandigarh Highway are the highways where Zirakpur is located. Metro system could soon get established in the second phase which will help to decongestant the mass traffic that has begun allocating in this area due to the highways for the same reason a new highways have been built amongst these highways.
Chandigarh Airport is 5 km whereas Railway station in is 8km from Zirakpur.

Taking care of your Health
The city has small sized hospitals, which caters to the health care. There are many institutes at the same time providing these facilities. There isn’t any dearth of medical facilities in Zirakpur even if it be Chandigarh is not very far from here. 

From Engineering colleges to Medical Institutes to Management all is present in Zirakpur, which are elites and renowned at the same time. More than twenty five schools are present which include pre-schools as well as schools.

From spoken institutes in English, Vocational, Language institutes, IELTS amongst others are present.
The idea behind the institution of good and better learning is “A Grade” to provide knowledge and learning experience which can be matched with institutes in the state.  Education isn’t a game to be dealt with easily. It’s the power of knowledge that we see transforming in our surroundings, without which any sort of development is impossible. That is why they have not been taken a chance with. The people behind this venture are veterans and professionals who have held prime position in education and have come from various backgrounds, to provide prime services in the respective fields of education. They understand the value of education and know that they can’t take chances with it.  That is why the perfection is unleashed through many institutes that have opened up providing unmatched quality education even if compared with the institutes in other cities.

Place we call home
Mona Townships is there for a reason. Considering the possibilities that Zirakpur is growing at such fast pace and men from the Real Estate have reasons to invest.  Being at the brim of development no sooner it will be one of the cities you would like to retire at, also because of the luxurious flats that are being provided by these builders. 

The requirement of residences in Zirakpur area have propelled due to involvement of the IT Park in Chandigarh, due to which the price of the flats have intensified, with new projects coming up.
For the Religious

There is no dearth of holy places either. Be it the temples for the Hindus or Gurudwaras for the Sikhs which you can find in a majority of localities in Zirakpur. 

If there is a feeling of something that is being missed then you just need to travel those short 8 Km to reclaim the missing part. But what is it that is missing? Is there anything? Every aspect it seems, every amenity has been covered up. Zirakpur is now, not just referred as a city near Chandigarh, but a whole city of its own.

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