Friday, 28 November 2014

Mona Townships- The Frontrunner In Extending A Helping Hand To The Flood Victims In Kashmir

Natural calamities often reignite the sense of care and compassion amongst fellow human beings for the people who become the victims of such tragedies. This fact was proved once again when the whole nation came together to help the countless people affected by the devastating floods in the Kashmir region of J&K. While on the one hand, people from all walks of life contributed in the relief process in their own small way, major business houses including Mona Townships also shouldered the responsibility of helping the people who had lost everything in the worst flood to affect Kashmir in several decades.  

Mona Townships - Committed To Social Causes
Mona Townships is one of the few real estate development companies that has shouldered the responsibility of social uplifting and reaching out to the people in need. The company not only helps develop affordable real estate solutions in both residential and commercial sectors but is also involved in a variety of social and human causes that focus on improving the life of the poor and the needy. In keeping with this tradition, the core management team of Mona Townships, Mr. Warangan Kumar Ralhan,Mr.  Sagar Setia and Mr. Vishwanath Gupta flagged off a  truck  with 1000 blankets towards Kashmir.
The company strongly supported a campaign initiated by the Hindi newspaper daily Dainik Bhaskar, to support the flood effected people of Jammu & Kashmir. The company acquired the blankets through a Delhi based NGO and thanks to its combined efforts with the Dainik Bhaskar Goup, a total of 6-7 trucks were sent to Srinagar from the city of Chandigarh itself. The management of Mona Townships, through this human act proved once again that it is the frontrunner, when it comes to helping fellow citizens in their time of greatest need, irrespective of the cast, community and social background of the effected people. 
A Company unlike Others 
Mona Townships has proved time and again that it is an organization with a vision and set of values that make it stand quite apart from other business houses. It extends its philosophy of reaching out to people even in its everyday business as well that the people investing in the properties being developed by it get good value for their money. Be it extending a helping hand to disaster affected people in Srinagar or providing a cozy and comfortable real estate solution to its clients, the entire team at Mona Townships works with total dedication and honesty to ensure the best results. The strict adherence to humanitarian values and ethics has ensured that the company has earned great respect not only in its field of operation but also in the hearts of the clients and general public.
In view of the above facts it would not be wrong to say that Mona Townships is a truly unique organization as it puts the comfort of the people above everything else, including its own profitability. This is also quite obvious in the choice of the location of properties being developed by the company. Unlike its competitors which choose locations based on the profit margin they can get by developing the same, the team at Mona Townships selects every location based on the proximity of various amenities and facilities to the clients who would be investing in the developed properties. So just as the company has paved the way for sharing the responsibility of helping people struck by disaster, it has set a trend for real estate developers to give topmost priority to the contentment and well-being of their clients.   
The coming times: 
A Company Driven By Principles
In the modern times, when most business establishments do not shy away from compromising their principles for better profitability, Mona Townships has dared to stay devoted to ideology. It is this ideology that guides each and every team member to respect the needs of the clients and adapt a humanitarian approach to the problems being faced by fellow citizens.  Be it the preservation of the environment or the proper management of waste or social causes like encouraging the celebration of a pollution free Diwali and more recently helping the victims of a grave natural disaster in Kashmir, the strong adherence to principles is reflected in every aspect of working of the team at Mona Townships.
All this would surely not have been possible without the strong leadership of the core management team. The group’s MD Warangan Kumar Ralhan along with the directors of Mona Townships Mr. Sagar Setia and Mr. Vishwanath Gupta have ensured that the team of Mona Township retain its belief in humanitarian causes and makes compassion and sensitivity an integral part of their working style. The three, through their vast experience and a futuristic vision have helped Mona Townships reach the pinnacle of success without using any unethical means or crushing the hopes and trust of people in the process. 
Leading By Example
There is no denying the fact that Mona Townships has become one of the leading real estate developers in North India in the recent times. However, the company has always remained firm about its core values and deep rooted traditions. It has consistently led by example, whether in the area of high quality and affordable construction or in the field of social service. The organization has given hope to people not only about being able to realize their dreams of owning a property of their choice within a reasonable price range but also of starting a new life even after having suffered great loss due to nature’s fury.
In fact many people feel that even the simple act by the management of Mona Township to send blankets across to the desolate people in Kashmir has sent across the message that they are not alone. It has helped create a bridge of human care and love that will revive the sense of hope and provide the victims with a reason to look forward to a brighter future. The simple act of kindness has proved that companies like Mona Townships become truly great when they share the pain of their fellow human beings and try to help and support them during the most troubled times of their life.

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