Monday, 8 December 2014

Delivering more than what was promised at Mona Greens Zirakpur

We all spend most of our hard-earned money in buying a place to live for ourselves-our dream homes. It is always real estate, when we think of a promising investment giving us assured returns. There is a rise in the number of developers due to the present trend in the masses. Real estate for a developer yields a high profit margin due to which there are many players ; established and with brand names and new ones. The challenge for each is to prove themselves as the best. Best in terms of pricing, best in terms of locations, best in terms of honesty and best in terms of efficiency in providing all promised.
The team at Mona Greens,  Zirakpur has proved itself by approaching their success in completion of their project in the given stipulated time. This proves that they have lived up to their clients’ expectations and come off as a trustworthy, honest and sincere realtor.


Landscaping at Mona Greens

Landscaping plays a very important role in a building project as the ambience of the place depends on it. The Location of Mona Greens Zirakpur is such that there is so much of natural beauty to tap, which can add to the subtle beauty of the residences. None other than Ms. Sujata Kohli of the IPDM fame has done the landscaping of Mona Greens. She has many reputable projects of national acclaim accomplished by her. Her national and international experience with reputable organizations, gives Mona Greens the real edge as clients could not have asked for more. Respecting the existing landscape is her philosophy and living by it, one of the best landscaping has been done for Mona Greens.

Listening to you!

Construction as promised

The construction of Mona Greens is a matter of pride for its builders as well as owners. The clients are satisfied as the buildings are made according to the plans. Plans shown on paper or in models need not be the same in look after the building is constructed. The team at Mona greens has delivered what they promised. The buildings are according to the specifications of floor plans given with no space taken away or absorbed elsewhere. The carpet area provided as promised.

Materials used in construction
The materials used in the construction of Mona Greens are more than what the client can aspire. All tested materials used, add longevity to the building. Such involvement in the clients’ interest proves the integrity of the Mona Greens team. This is an expectation above all for the clients. A building has to be strong inside out. The earth quake resistant RCC frame and quality bricks have taken care of the inside.
Materials used in Interiors and fittings
A realtor’s reputation is at stake if he provides sub-standard fittings. Along with a negative relation with the client, it costs the builder, as he will have to redo it, if such discrepancies, pointed out before the owner shifts in. The team at Mona Greens has not left it to chance. They believe in delivering the customers value for money and peace of mind.
The flooring is of high quality vitrified tiles are from Gujarat, which is the ceramic capital of India. It has the best quality-manufacturing units for tiles. The tiles are selected with care, to give the Sophisticated and elegant look, giving a sense of space.
Wash room Fittings
The washrooms have fittings from Jaguar. They assure high quality performance in their faucets and showers, and confirm with best quality regulatory standards. This is surely more than what a client must have expected from the builder. Such style is sure to create a lasting impression on the client creating faith in the team at Mona Greens.
Electrical safety
Safety of the family is one major concern of the head of the family. When a client invests with a builder he expects all kind of safety norms to be followed, but electrical safety is something that might slip from his mind. Sub standard electrical fittings and wiring can cause major mishaps. The team at Mona Greens is at its alert best. Its aim to try to deliver the best is reflected by the fact that use of fittings is by Havells and Scheider Electric India. These are India’s safest and topmost brands in the electrical world. Besides this, copper wiring used for internal connections. The modular switches add to the look of sheer class and grace.
Beautiful walls
A major expense of the owner of the flat is saved as oil based distemper for the walls are provided along with Birla Putty. After investing in the purchase of the flat, the owners look forward to shifting in to enjoy the ambience and elegance of their new home. The walls speak for you. Distemper adds to the dignity and grandeur of place giving the flat owner immense satisfaction, maybe more than he asked for.

Amenities delivered as promised
The flat in which my friend invested had a swimming pool as the mentioned amenity. Which was never completed as promised! The space was converted into a small school to be run by the wife of the builder. Amenities are one of the factors why investors purchase flats in a particular project. Delivering the promised amenities reflects on the integrity of the builder. The team at Mona Greens has proved its mettle by delivering as promised. This ensures a happy and satisfied group of customers.
Timely possession
Timely possession is a major factor by which customers, access their builders. Sometimes a builder’s reputation can be made by this or broken by this factor alone. The team at Mona Greens has been highly successful in achieving its time bound target. This is a major achievement as all factors since the time of inception has to work in a well-oiled manner. This is not always possible in the field of construction. Efficient disaster management, Time management and correct decisions play a very important role for on time delivery.
Property owners await the possession of their dream homes. Timely delivery of the project proves the dedication, focus and commitment of the team. Kudos to Mona greens team for delivering better and more!

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