Monday, 24 November 2014

Does on time delivery of your new home from a builder, matter to you?

A human being has very basic needs; Roti, Kapda aur Makaan, Not necessary in the same order of priority. We tend to make our shelter our first priority these days. Reason being where you live speak for you and your status in society. The 20 to 25 % people born with a silver spoon are ones who have nothing to worry about, it is common man who has the capacity capability and talent but have to build everything in their lives brick by brick to be great achievers:  Achievers in the terms of profession, in terms of self-satisfaction and in terms of Family. Once the question of family arises, the need of a comfortable home comes along with it. Any man in his initial days of career building lives in rented accommodations, but once he goes the family way, needs and aspirations become high, mainly to build a comfortable home for the family and a place to come home to.

Who to trust with your hard earned money
Mona Townships is a popular name in the field of constructing residential properties. One of the main reasons for the image and success is the down to earth and honest policy of the Mona Township Team. Mona townships are one of the pioneer builders to make reasonably priced houses at the most convenient locations. The team here ensures that the investor has got the best deal or his money’s worth. They make the homes with a heart and are fully aware of the value of your money.

All Projects are delivered on time
Mona Town Ships has a record of delivering their projects on time. This is a very big plus point as you know how to budget your rental stay. If projects are completed on time, you save on the rental money that can be useful to you when shifting. Shifting has many hidden costs, transportation of household belongings is a big cost, but along with it you need electricians, plumbers, cleaners, and of course the small Pooja that is mandatory in most Indian homes.  On the other hand,you need the money for investing on the necessities that you need when you shift in a new home.

Prime Location
All projects of Mona Townships are in prime locations. The advantage of investing in prime location is very beneficial. You cut down your travel costs, every need is at hand like school, market, post-office, bank. Apart from being a high on cost saving advantages, you enjoy a stress free life where you are not spending half you precious time in commuting to work or for your other requirements like shopping or entertainment.

When you invest in a property, you are always worried about your investment. Is it safe? Will the value appreciate? How much will it appreciate? The value of the property where Mona Townships projects are, multiplies in a comparatively higher rates than other places.This is because the team has been very clear in their concepts and knows what they want to deliver to their trusted clients. The locations are carefully chosen to yield good vale anytime in future.

Advantages of semi furnished homes
Semi furnished homes are very convenient to shift in. You spend quite a bit of your savings investing in a new property, and it is a general way of expenditure that you invest all in a new home just keeping a buffer for emergencies. Shifting in semi furnished homes gives you the advantage of having the absolute basics.You gradually know your needs and you have ample time to decide on what to purchase first to style your home. Having a modular kitchen is the first basic need. Mona Townships provide this facility in all the projects. You can prioritize your needs and go towards making the perfect home gradually.

Aspire to live in a well-organized set-up
The builders at Mona Town ships have considered all your small, but basic needs like round the clock security system, full time availability of electricity and water, adequate number of lifts. These are the basis of having a well-organized place to have your home in. We all like to live in a place where every basic requirement is met in a smooth clockwork manner.These facilities provided by Mona townships give us a smooth pace in day-to-day management. This is very important as we want serenity after a hard day, and if there is no water for a shower, you might regret your decision, hence it is ensured, that your necessities are met.

Money saving amenities
Some of the projects by Mona townships include amenities like swimming pool, club house for different activities, Joggers Park, kids play areas. These amenities are a part of your home; you do not need expensive club member ships for these recreational activities. The maintenance of these, which every member has to pay on monthly or yearly basis, depending on whatever is decided upon, is very small compared to the huge club membership fee that many clubs ask for.

Opportunity to be the first
Most of the places where Mona Township projects are located are developing places. Since you have put in most of your savings to buy property, you need to have something extra. If you are an entrepreneur, or have something in mind in the same lines, you can have a head start before many. Being first has many advantages. You have a monopoly until your competitors seep in. Here your hard work pays as you learn to be the best you already have a steady and a growing business.

Most of the projects By Mona Townships promise large open spaces and are located in picturesque natural environment.Invest today so not to regret later. For a common man these are homes you can be proud of and boast about, Homes to go back and relax after a hectic day, Homes to make you feel as stress free as you are on a holiday.

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