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How to best decorate your Mona Greens 3 BHK apartment

Having acquired a 3 BHK apartment in Mona Greens, the next challenge you would face is how to match the beauty of the apartment with interior decorations. Now a day’s interior decorations are not taken so lightly, as it is believed to be the driving force behind you and your family that provides space, comfort and energy.  When we talk about energy Chinese Feng Shui and Indian Vastu offer insightful information and solutions to bring more energy levels to your home.

 Bagua chart offered by Feng Shui provides all the information you need to determine the colour in every corner of the room that influences crucial aspects of your life. A complete chart prepared from various sources is given below for your ready reference:

Blue, Black
Career and the life path
North East
Sand colour, Yellow
Spiritual attributes
Brown, Green
Family, relationship and health
South East
Brown and Green
Cash flow
Red, Orange, Pink & Yellow
Inner self
South West
Light yellow, sand colour
Love and wedlock
White or Grey
Creation and children
North West
White or Grey
Travel and blessing

Let us now get into the intricate detail of decorating your Mona Greens 3 BHK flat to add comfort and life style to every room that it provides.

Living Room:

Cleanliness, good lighting and sufficient flow of air are the three basic requirements for a living room. If your living room is in the north side of the apartment, then the element – water has to be taken care of and colours like blue, black and yellow should predominantly be chosen for drapes, curtains, floor mats and furniture accommodating the area.

Children are the integral part of the family and keeping an unobstructed space helps in keeping things under control and allows free movement of children around the room. Just imagine water is flowing freely into your room and assess the things that would obstruct the path of water. Remove those obstructions and allow free flow of Feng Shui energy into your living room.
Choose the right sofa set with colors as indicated above and make sure that they are convenient and comfortable. Glass top table in front to that can be used to keep newspapers, tea, coffee and snacks. Selection of appropriate television model with size that suits the living area would enhance the looks. Music systems always help in making the atmosphere exuberant. Carpets and rugs with matching colours also add to the beauty.  

 Keep the window open for free air flow or use room spray that keeps the atmosphere fragrant, clean and pollution free.  Light is a good energy media and hence fix your lighting in such a way that you can adjust the luminosity of the room lighting. Varying shades of light to match the moods and situations allow good flow of energy. Light and soft colours are best when you decide about the colour of your beds and curtains. 

Let the bed be bigger and elevated with cushions that are natural and not harmful for the skin. Having a dressing table and a cupboard for essential accessories also increases the aesthetics of a bed room. Let the colours be chosen as per the chart given above. If you have a bathroom attached to your bedroom better have a suitable door mat with matching colours and quality.
Having a bed side table on either side of the bed would make your life lot simpler in helping you keep and retrieve things like mobile phone or purse. Having a couple of relaxing chairs if the space allows you to do that is also advisable. Do not have plants in the bedroom. If you really want to have some keep them away from the bed as they breathe out carbon dioxide not suitable for free flow of energy.

Kitchen is where the life giving food is prepared and it is essential that it is decorated in such a way that easy and hygienic cooking is possible with good flow of Feng Shui energy. This is where life sustenance happens. The place is also a place that denotes prosperity and wealth. Lighting could be made to have different dimension and shades which you can use as per the activity you are involved in. Fruits and flowers bring good flow of energy. Keeping a bowl of fruit and flower vase is also advisable. 

Segregate the kitchen appliances and tools in such a way that they could be handled with comfort. Labelling them also would help. Choose the fridge that suits your needs. It should be spacious and should have the colours as per the Feng Shui energy flow. Keep the kitchen clutter free by keeping the used utensils in sinks and clean them then and there to avoid unnecessary bacterial growth that gives a bad flow of energy. Food grains and related materials are to be kept in the designated places that ensure good preservation. 

Good quality stove and micro wave oven help your food preparation easier.

As most of the basic requirements of the bathrooms are already provided by Mona greens what you have to concentrate on, is about maintaining it in the proper way. Bucket and tubs are to be chosen with colours that ensure free flow of energy as per the energy flow chart given above. Create a place where you can store your soaps and fragrances that could be retrieved with ease. Avoid accumulation of water and wastes and ensure that there is no bad smell prevailing in the bath rooms. 

Wet conditions are conducive for the bacteria to multiply and grow. So try to keep the bath as dry as possible when not in use. Free flow of air again is a very important factor that should not be forgotten. Keep the floors clean to avoid slipping.


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