Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Architecture Styles in India with Changing Times

One of the most conspicuous and striking achievements of India’s civilization is, undoubtedly, its architecture. India architecture is deeply ingrained in history, culture, geography and religion. Different layers of history have displayed vast diversity in the architectural structures, beginning from the Stone Age. In the period of rulers and warriors, we started seeing palaces and forts and the construction of temples in an extended way. Later on, during Islam ruling period, we witnessed another kind of structures like tombs, arches, minars etc. Finally, the assimilation of European culture leaves a profound influence even in the present day construction of houses and other buildings. Such an opulent background makes India look diverse, unlike other countries; for example, in western countries, we see almost uniform type of residences.

Ancient Building in India

As India became a modern nation state along with the economic reforms of 1991, we began observing the integration of modern values with Eastern traditions. Even after rapport advancement in science and technology “Vastu Shastra” still remains the cornerstone of India’s architecture.

Now, let us examine the contemporary structures and their needs. As it is conventional that the buildings are designed and constructed as a response to the geographical set up, we see the difference in housing patterns all around India. When we go to the states receiving heavy rainfall, we see slanting roofs; in hot and dry regions, a lot of free space and ventilated rooms with proper air circulation are preferred. There are differences in the raw materials used for constructions such as red sandstone, rubble, bricks, wooden planks etc. But, race for development started inflicting serious injuries to environment. Therefore, in recent times, a growing awareness of ecology has influenced the architecture immensely.


By the gradual growth of urban cluster and rewarding employment opportunities, shift of rural population towards cities and towns is visible. For fulfilling their needs, there was a growing demand for apartments and housing complexes. Many real estate companies therefore showed their interest in constructing high quality houses. Mona Townships has been taking lead in this context by providing superior and luxurious residential facilities.

All projects of Mona Townships are constructed keeping in mind the environmental impact and proper care is taken to design buildings which are environmentally sustainable. For more information about our projects please visit us

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