Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Booming Apartment Culture in Indian Suburbs

As per the 2011 estimates, 17.5% Indians are housing out of 7 billion and accounts for only 2.4% total land area. This speaks highly of the relevance of accommodating people in the obtainable space, without harming the environment.

Mona Greens, Zirakpur
 Young India is shifting its orbit into towns and cities in search of a better standard of living. As this has become rampant, the space available for their settlement has been shrinking, which is posing a question mark to the humanity itself. All the multinational companies spreading its wings across the world are stationed in urban areas, the youth are migrating faster than ever to reap the fortune from citified treasure islands. Thus, the massive influx of people towards cities forces us to think about an arrangement that houses all. This gave rise to the concept of apartment or flat, which is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building.

Moreover, India is drifting away from the concept of extended or joint family and embracing the life of nuclear family. More demand for space with privacy impacted joint family structure resulting in, not spending much time at home. Due to this, beautiful bungalow and mansion are replaced by apartments and flats with all the necessity. Hence making it sensible for a buyer to own a flat, rather than a castle.

Keeping all these in mind, many real estate companies are helping out people in possessing their own space. In this regard, Mona Townships has emerged as one of the leading companies in this sector, based in Punjab. Considering all the present day needs, Mona Townships came up with astonishing residential and commercial projects, such as Mona Greens, MonaCity and Jade Business Park respectively. All the contemporary requirements are incorporated into the complexes with superior and luxury class housing zones. 

Jade Business Park , Mohali

Mona Townships presents promising luxurious avenue with environment-friendly construction. Mona Greens has adorned the outer area with vast lush greenery, along with earthquake resistant structure buildings, well lit internal roads, uninterrupted water supply, excellent ventilation etc. The interiors are designed and constructed with all facilities as per the taste and demand of present generation .

Situated in a prime location in Mohali, Mona Greens fulfills all the requirements of the modern day lifestyle desired by the younger generation.

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