Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mona Townships transforms Mohali; More Greener!

‘Greenery’ is one term that strikes a person when he is thinking of beauty, peace, freshness and much more than that, a pollution-free environment. Why do people make trips to hill stations like Manali and Mussourie? The most obvious answer to this is because these cities are GREEN. And consequently cool. People search for peace when they are tired of the routine life they’re living. Tired of the pollution they face every day, especially in metropolitan cities.

What if your city was so peaceful, green and fresh that you never got tired of looking at it, rather living in it? What if your city was covered with lush green trees and exquisite shrubs in all directions that made your daily life seem like a vacation? Mona Townships Private Limited, Mohali, has taken the initial step in just the same direction. On none other than World Environment Day, MT Mohali took the first move in the planting of more than 5000 saplings as a part of a programme launched by the Deputy Commissioner, Tejinder Pal Singh Siddhu, in the vicinity of its very famousreal estate project, J90. 

Only to recollect, J90 is the much awaited real estate project in Mohali, by Mona Townships Private Limited, that combines the luxury of impeccably designed flats with meticulously planned office spaces and shopping arenas, all in one complex. The idea of having a comfortable home with office spaces and shopping complexes in the vicinity is nonetheless beautiful and attractive, but would it not be so much better when there is abundance of trees and there is greenery all around?Why go out when you have all that you need at one place? What more can a person wish for? Find out more about J90 at http://www.jadebusinesspark.com/.

Mona Townships has had the honour of having the Deputy Commissioner Tejinder Pal Singh Siddhu at J90, on the world Environment Day that was this Friday, June 5, 2015. The Deputy Commissioner has recently given out orders to make Mohali a cleaner, and greener city to live in. With the objective of planting about 2 lakh saplings in Mohali and also ensuring their maintenance, the DC initiated a Tree Plantation Drive in Mohali on the World Environment Day this year. One of the main intentions of this Tree Plantation drive is to make Mohali more attractive and also a better place to live in. As it is, Mohali can be seen as the entrance to Punjab from Haryana. Under this initiative, care will be taken that Mohali’s main entrance gate to Punjab is also refurbished and its look is improved. It has also been said that the refurbishing of the entrance gates should be done in about a month’s time.

Tree plantation and beautification of Mohali would make Mohali all the more desirable place to live in, and also attract tourists or business developers and eventually people who want to lead a comfortable life without the hustling bustling of overcrowded cities. But, seeing it not only as a tourism-driven or beauty-driven initiative, but also as a social responsibility of each and every individual, the efforts of Mona Townships in taking the first step in panting 5000 saplings in J90 can be greatly appreciated. These are the days when people compare the weather and the air of metropolitan cities as being comparable with smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. In such a grave situation, where it is said that in cities like Delhi, people breathe poison, it becomes a responsibility of the citizen to ensure his, and others’ well-being. Who would not understand what 5000 saplings mean to a polluted country? By taking up this duty, Mona Townships has set up an exemplar in this field. It is a step that should be emulated by other real estate companies as well as by any other corporate company as a moral duty. 

Mona Townships has demonstrated its sense of social responsibility from time to time, either by working in accordance with projects like the Tree Plantation Drive or by coming up with projects that will somehow make man’s life easier and more beautiful. J90, that is an example of magnificent designing and construction, will have tree plantation going on all year round, and not just on the World Environment Day. The said time period for institutions to follow the tree plantation duty is June 15 to June 30, but Mona Townships will make sure that the Tree Plantation goes on much more than just June 30. According to the objective announced by the Deputy Commissioner, during the aforementioned time period, cleaning up of parks and other public amenity areas will also be undertaken. Under this project, called ‘Clean and Green Mohali’, all the residents of the city will also be expected to participate freely and help plant saplings in large numbers so that Mohali can be called the Greenest City of Punjab. Because duties, when shared by many becomes easy to accomplish.
Let us be a part of and help Mona Townships in its strife for a greener J90. And a greener Mohali.

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