Monday, 15 June 2015

Mohali and J90 as an investment destination

Things to take care before investing in Mohali and why Jade Business Park is the best investment option. 

Mark Twain the famous English author once remarked "Buy Land they are not making it anymore" this holds true for real estate investors everywhere and especially in Indian context. 
The important and valid question that now arises is where to invest? Why are we focusing on Mohali as a prime destination for investment? 

Mohali near to Chandigarh is one investment zone that has consistently reaped healthy returns, officially named as SAS Nagar ,this quaint and beautiful town has been the catalyst of Punjab`s real estate growth in the last four years. The well established IT sector is driving investors from various socio economic strata of the society to Mohali. The city itself is picturesque with the presence of parks, lakes beautifully planned roads and landscaping that makes it score high on location attractiveness index too. There is a plethora of migrants from Chandigarh moving to Mohali because of the budgeted options available there. 

Mohali was developed by Punjab authorities to lessen the strain on Chandigarh however in very short span of time it has moved out of the shadows of its more illustrious neighbor and created its own identity as a niche and affordable investment destination for both commercial and residential real estate investors. 

Now the most important and pertinent question that arises why invest in Mona Townships Private Ltd maiden commercial parcel Jade Business Park spread over 13 acres have 13 storey of signature office suites and residential apartments giving you the perfect work life balance that you always wished and aspired for, the secret of Mona Townships success lies in its customer centric approach, unmatched construction standards and timely delivery of projects, in spite of all this the cost effective solutions speaks highly of Mona Townships.

As a part of its corporate social responsibility Mona Townships recently had the honor of having Deputy Commissioner Mr. Tejinder Pal Sidhu who initiated a tree plantation drive in Mohali with the aim to make Mohali the greenest city of Punjab.

J90 offers complete solution for every problem so that personal / professional life can be focused upon easily. Beautifully landscaped open spaces with features to engage in recreation, what J90 offers are premium residential apartments where working professionals can save time on commutation and cost also these apartments are packed with all major amenities that are required.

In today`s modern life commuting to workplace has become a struggle, half of the life is spent on travelling with no time to spend with family and friends, professional life also suffers because of all these pressures.

J90 provides the joy of seeing your children grow in front of your eyes and enjoy a stress free life where everything that you ever imagined comes true, where work does not seem like work, where pollution free, smoke free, eco friendly green  city welcomes you with open arms. Mona Townships provides you the best investment possibility because of their undying commitment towards quality, trust towards its customers, and keeping its ethics quotient to the highest degree where you can come and be assured of the best deal that you hoped for, where everything is transparent and communicated clearly before the final deal is closed. Mohali as a town is what Noida/ Gurgaon is to Delhi being one of fastest growing cities in North India. 

Mona Townships is undertaking many activities as part of its corporate/social responsibility which is worth emulating. 

Come let us all be a part of dream called J90 where work and life all come under one roof, where you can really be a part of a journey called life in all its magnificence. 

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