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Deal directly with Mona Townships

Buying a home for oneself or just invest in real estate for a secure investment, it is a very calculated decision... The money involved is huge. It is your hard-earned money. The decision you make will be a long time one. You as an investor have to decide how and where you should invest. 

Why does a person invest in real estate? 
The answer is but obvious –To buy a comfortable home for oneself, to make money, and a more secure future. Real estate markets in the growing and developing areas are the best to invest in, as there is a great scope for a comparatively fast rise in value of the property. If you are looking for investing in the developing areas around Chandigarh, you have a vast choice of locations. Mona townships, have many upcoming and completed housing projects, at Zirakpur and Mohali, near Chandigarh which gives a promising future for a dream home or investment.

Real Estate Investment

Investors who are first timers always have many questions. These questions have to be answered in a very detailed and a satisfying manner due to which the buyer can arrive upon a correct decision. What should your action plan be? Moreover, how do you go about it? The general or the most common approach is to hire a broker. 

Why people hire a broker

It is the general tendency of people to hire a broker if they are looking for investment in real estate. The reasons are very clear .as the general belief that they are the ‘know all end all people’, and no one can be as knowledgeable in the topic of real estate investment as they are. If you are new to the area, you are sure to hire a broker, apart from the topography, he is aware of everything in the place as he is a local person. He has the knowledge of ins and outs of the entire construction site in that area. He knows which place to show you, as you might not want to waste time. But, is it really essential?

Believe in your self

A broker has all the time in the world for you. However, do you have the time for yourself? If not then you must find the time for it, as that is your hard earned money. You should be the one who has to do all the collection of information. The information you collect will be first hand and according to your requirements- totally without bias. A broker might not even show you certain projects where he might not have a good rapport with the realtor. You could miss on a prime property with a good bargain because of just a broker’s pressure tactics or marketing abilities. You may have overlooked exactly what you were looking for! You are going in for a large investment; hence, it should be of your choice and budget.

Approach directly

When you invest in a property, the best thing is to meet the builder directly. A direct approach helps you to know about the builder. You directly clear small details of the project in the first hand approach. You can see all the property documents like the certificate of commencement, bank guarantee …. A broker might not let you make such clarifications, steamrolling you into saying ‘sab ekdum clear hai. Mujhpar vishvash kariye’, this might lead to assumptions and misunderstanding between the buyer and seller. Due to such insipid mistakes, you might lose on a good deal with a realtor like Mona townships. Approaching directly, gives you a clear picture of what is offered to you and does not let you deviate from your decision.

Cost Advantage

Brokers charge brokerage. Brokers have their own cuts in the sale of property. This makes you shell out more making your investment expensive. Every broker has a different charge in your investment. The money you pay in brokerage could be used to take an extra-added facility from the builder. For example if you want to have a different flooring from what is offered in the project, the money you save on the brokerage can be used for you to beautify your flat the way you want or You might want a new  t.v or just save the money for your installment. 

Rapport Building

Purchasing directly from the builder helps you to create a good rapport with the builder. This is very useful in terms of relationship building. You can directly approach the builder for any problems you face while the project is under the builder. At MonaTownships the builder’s team is always there to welcome you and clear all your doubts about the project.

Builder knows the best

The completed projects or ongoing projects, whichever of the projects you are interested in, it the best to get first hand information from the realtor itself. From the foundation to the finish, if you want correct information and honest opinion you must approach the Mona Townships team directly.
Mona townships are helping you in shaping your dreams. Having a direct approach will make your home buying experience, one of the best experiences for you.


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