Monday, 22 December 2014

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your New Home In Mohali

The decision to buy a home is definitely one of the most critical decision of your as it is not only about investing a huge sum of money but also about taking the right steps to realize the dreams of a lifetime. In keeping with this fact it is important to gain knowledge about the most important factors to consider while purchasing a new home in Mohali. Discussed below are the 10 major aspects that you as home buyer must analyze in depth prior to making the big investment.
Reliability Of the Developer
There are several aspects that can help in establishing the reliability and trustworthiness of the developer for you. It is advisable for you to seek information from the property developers about their rightful ownership of the land. You can ask the developer to show you the land allotment letter in case the property has been purchased from a government agency. In case of land acquired from farmers or other private owners, the developers should possess an appropriate title paper that mentions their name or the name of the real estate development company as the owner of property.
Apart from enquiring about the land ownership, you also need to verify whether or not the various approvals and authorizations have been acquired by the developer before initiating the project. Approval of project layout plans, obtaining no-objection certifications from civic authorities, certification of environmental clearance, structural safety and other such certificates need to be obtained before the construction can be started. A developer possessing these certifications properly signed by the authorized personnel is most definitely the best choice for investment in new home. 


Specifications Of The Apartment
This is definitely another critical aspect to consider before buying a home in Mohali. You should thoroughly check the layout designs and planned architecture of a home before taking the first step in the direction of investing in the property. It is also important to understand that most developers use the super built up area for marketing their projects without providing any details about the actual carpet area. As such wherever possible, you should personally visit the construction site or the completed apartment to get an idea of the actual space that would be available to you. 

Apart from the design, you also need to verify the quality of construction so that you get good return on the money invested in your new home. For this you can seek information about the contractors and structural engineers working on the project and check their work history and background. This will give you a fair idea about their quality of work and kind of construction that you can expect in your new home. In addition it also helps you determine whether or not you are paying the right amount for the home based on its area, design and type of construction. 

Facilities And Amenities Provided
 Depending on the type of home you intend to purchase, every developer offers some basic facilities and amenities. IF you are seeking a high end luxury home that offers all the comforts of elegant lifestyle, then you need to make sure that the facilities and amenities being offered by the developers are in accordance with this lifestyle. For example a high end luxury apartment complex should offer facilities like WI-fi connectivity, separate quarters for driver and maid, gyms, swimming pools and other health facilities.   

In addition to these facilities within the project complex, it is also important to check the kind of basic living amenities that are available in the vicinity of the project. These include markets, hospitals, schools and other educational institutions, sports and entertainment facilities etc. Buying a home in projects that do not offer these amenities within a reasonable distance can prove to be quite irrational and even frustrating in the long run as you might have to travel far to get even the simplest of services necessary for everyday living.

Infrastructure Development And Connectivity
In case of projects that are being developed in the prime areas of Mohali checking out availability of basic infrastructure facilities is a must. This would include verifying the availability of clean drinking water, uninterrupted electric supply, proper sewerage and sanitation facilities etc. In addition you might also check whether or not there is a proper network of roads that are wide enough to ensure smooth flow of traffic. Also there should be proper lighting facilities inside the project complex to minimize any chances of untoward incidents taking place due to lack of this basic infrastructure facility. 

It is also important to check the type of connectivity that the project offers to other parts of the city, state and country. If you travel often, you need to make sure that you can avail transport facilities at almost any time of the day or night. Moreover, you may also like to check the proximity of your new hope to the local interstate bus terminal or even a major railway station and airport. This might prove critical in ensuring that you do not face problems in your professional life after shifting to your new home. 

Level Of Safety And Security
Before deciding to invest in a home, it is important to check the safety features that have incorporated into its construction. Most developers today opt for RCC frame earthquake resistance structure base to minimize damage to life and property in case of such a catastrophe. In addition, you should also verify the quality of electrical wiring and plugs, switches and accessories used in the apartment to make sure that they offer maximum level of safety and are least likely to be the cause of accidents themselves.

Apart from providing an assurance of safety form natural factors, your new home should also ensure your physical safety. No property is worth investing in if it does not provide a safe and secure shelter to you and your loved ones. Given the growing crime rates across the nation, it is important for you to ascertain the level of security being offered at your new home. In addition to various electronic tools and gadgets being used for security, it is important to check whether the project developers will be providing manual security facilities.

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