Tuesday, 15 July 2014


So, how far are you from your dream home? Everyone dreams for one, a home which fulfils all your desires. However with the coming times of high inflation and prices which are rising every year, to achieve the same is becoming more and more difficult. But there are always lotuses blooming in murky water. One such ‘lotus’ in these Monsoons is the offer from Mona Townships to own your very own dream home right here in Mohali, right here in Mona City! Attractive rates and to complement easy bank loan is an offer hard to resist.
Do you often think of that apartment which has the breath taking countryside setting and looks that mesmerise you each morning when you wake up? Do you wish to feel the raindrops falling on your fingertips when you stand at your window and look out? Then it is time you book a flat in the new project undertaken by Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd., ‘Mona City’ that is all set in the heavenly town of Mohali.

Mohali, or S.A.S Nagar, located in Punjab very close to Chandigarh, is a divine town which has been under rigorous development for almost a decade now. Very well connected to Chandigarh and nearby areas like Panchkula, Ambala and other districts, Mohali is a place you would love to spend ‘the rest of your life’ in. With astounding sceneries in Monsoons, Mohali is where you enjoy the beauty of nature, all at its best. We often dream of living in a house which is appealing, rather stunning in all aspects, which is perfect in our mind-set. Here is where Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd. comes to your help.

‘Mona City’, the new project started by the company is a place that is designed keeping in mind the desires and wishes of the natives and the migrants. Very near to the State Highway and located in Sector 115, on the Kharar-Landran Road, Mona City is an easily approachable destination. Also connected to the newly sanctioned roadway which runs along the Ambala-Chandigarh railway line, it is hence connected conveniently to Zirakpur, Chandigarh and other nearby areas.
Bringing forth wonderful 3 BHK flats, Mona City provides a large number of amenities and facilities that make your experience at Mona City even more delightful. Still under construction, Mona City is scheduled to be completed in about a year from now, and the bookings for the same have already begun. A real estate project which plans to have around 300 apartments in total, covering a large area in Mohali town is developing as one of the power-efficient, environment-friendly and best in its range kind of a project. All set with amenities like a clubhouse, a gymnasium, kitty party halls, and playgrounds etc. Mona City aims to deliver all manageable facilities for its residents. We can say without doubt that your stay in Mona City is going to be a great experience.

Situated close to basic facilities like schools, hospitals and shopping stores, Mona City ensures that all civic amenities will be available to its residents. Oh yes, expecting a homemaker to spare some time and come up with a boutique, is a trend these days. And you never know, you might even find a local occupant opening up a grocery store or so, or maybe even you can open up a soft toy store or even a designing school, it only adds to the amenities of the project, doesn’t it? Apart from the aforementioned advantages, Mona City also has well laid out parks where you can go for a morning walk as well as an evening stroll, can groove to aerobics as well as calm yourself down by practising Yoga. How many features can you count? Mona City will strive to provide to you the best of all you can think of, at the most reasonable price.

Mona City also aims to provide to its local residents complete sense of freedom and attachment with its property. It also has an objective of providing completely modern and urban style of living to its residents. Also, it is the aim of the builders to ensure that every precaution is taken to build Mona City in a Safe and Sound City. Measures are being planned to take into account methods to prevent damage due to earthquakes, the sporadic rainfall that is a characteristic of Mohali’s Climate and every other natural as well as man-made cause that can be a reason of damage to any person or even the structure. In a nutshell, it strives for your safety and well-being, something that is very precious for you as well as for us.

And last but not the least, the view! The view and the greenery you observe from Mona City is inexplicably sublime. Go, buy an apartment in Mona City and enjoy the best facilities available at the most affordable prices. And you can always make some tea, sit down on a cosy chair in your balcony and watch the rain pour down from there in the coming monsoons. The bookings have already started. Rush before the offer ends. For more details about Mona City, visit our website www.mtmohali.com which has all the information about how you can get closer to your dream house in Mohali without delay.

This monsoon, dream a little big.
Go natural.
Go Mona City.

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