Saturday, 19 July 2014

Apple’s Height- the Jewel of Mona Greens

Want to invest in Real Estate? Looking for a house to put your money into? Here’s a piece of advice, think carefully before you do, because, in addition to the design and structure of your house, the location of the apartment matters a lot. Real estate appraisal is the assessment of real estate values, especially the market prices of the property. One should understand that real estate values are not only the market prices of the property, but also incorporate the insurance values, the liquidation values, the value-in-use etc.

Here, talking about the market prices of a real estate property, we know that the value of a project is very much correlated with the level of facilities and amenities that the project offers to its user. The factors and agents that control the economics of real estate are very complex and influenced by many elements. The market prices of real estate properties are highly correlated with the location and surroundings of the project. The presence of a commercial property close to a residential property increases its value by a very high ratio. The apartments or localities which are near to a commercial property are the most posh areas in a city.

Mona Townships in Zirakpur has a stunning real estate project, with 2, 3 and 4 BHK residential apartments, Mona Greens. Situated on the VIP road in Zirakpur, the project is very well-located. It has many-many commercial stores nearby, which fulfil almost all daily needs and wants of a common man. When you stand in front of the apartments, you will find a chain of shops on the VIP road and nearby area, which serve their customers day and night. In addition to that, there is the ongoing construction of the future shopping hub of Zirakpur, ‘Apple’s Height’ going on right in front of Mona Greens. Just cross the road and you’re there! Yes, it is THAT close to Mona Greens!

Apple’s Height is the most awaited project of Zirakpur, a commercial project whose construction is expected to complete soon, most probably by the end of next year. The presence of Apple’s Height right in front of Mona Greens has a very strong impact on Mona Greens, its residents and also its prices and other features. First and foremost, talking about the facilities- The presence of such a big shopping complex at walking distance from the apartment would mean that shopping this Diwali would be a very nominal task for you and your family. And not only festivals and major events. Your everyday needs would also be catered to by the very phenomenal complex that just happens to be located in your neighborhood. And if you are in the shop keeping business, it would prove to be a boon for you if you decide to shift your outlet to an awesome unit in Apple’s Height. Just in case you are that very unswerving shop manager and decide to buy a shop in Apple’s Height. It would save you the travelling cost, and obviously you can always go home and have fresh lunch every day, it would save so much time for you, and hence give you the most valuable resource in the world. You can only imagine that amount of leisure being available at your disposal, how great would it feel and how much you miss that right now!!

As the construction process of Apple’s Height goes on and on, the market value of Mona Greens Apartments goes on increasing, probably at a rate more than what the rest of the apartments’ rates in Zirakpur are now facing. The consequences after a few years would be that Mona Greens Apartments’ prices would have risen by a factor which is above all the other Apartments in Zirakpur. It is, hence, a wise decision to put your money into buying something whose market value is sure to increase manifold within the next few years. And why invest in anything else when you already know that the best of the lot is already in the market, ready for possession. 

Even if you are no shopkeeper or a lover of facilities, and just want to buy a flat, just consider how much your ‘real money’ will increase if you invest the nominal money in a property that is sure to enhance in value. By real money we mean how much money you actually have in hand, not only the liquid cash that you have in your pockets but the sum of all the wealth that you hold. The increase in value in a property you hold will result in an increase in your real income, which will be an added benefit to rest of the amenities that the builders themselves provide.

There is going to be a rush for Mona Greens. The 2 BHK flats are ready to possess. Don’t restrict your thoughts. Go for the best in the lot Mona Greens Apartments which will provide you with more facilities than what you can even imagine. And ultimately, if you get more, you stay happier. So get ready to increase your real wealth by investing in the right area. Invest your money in Mona Greens, Zirakpur.

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