Thursday, 25 August 2016

Location Counts for Luxury Homes

With computer revolution, the globe has been witnessing a race to furnish every individual’s lifestyle. This has given rise to a thought for perching into posh locale. Though many people purchase flats as a means of investment, many others prefer staying in places that define their status, despite very high rent.

As a part of wooing more business, ultra HNIs settle in such neighbourhood for reasons of prestige, since many business deals are finalised in residential locations during some informal meetings on weekends or holidays. Moreover, the rich group does not like to live in highly populated area; hence, they look for places with ample open space, greenery, fresh air and no noise.

Taking the factors such as good view, privacy, ready access to city’s nerve and overall luxury experience, people with high profile consider locality first. Even if many houses in remote areas possess as much luxury as those at the cardinal points, the first thought that comes into a buyers’ mind is whether it is accessible to every important nook and corner of his concern or not.

Mona Greens, Punjab

 But, the recent scenario in the Indian housing market depicts a different graph. Developers choose any locality that comes under their budget and construct apartments or houses. Gradually, this gives impetus to many other facilities to come up nearby. Such instances are enormous in the present decade.

With better living standard and increasing awareness of health and environmental factors, people prefer staying at places that offer good facilities without causing much damage to the surroundings. Effects have been evident, that the harms afflicted to the nature, are being manifested with its most weird face, be it any unhygienic area or in ultra­luxurious locality.

When the world confronts larger issues like global warming, the real estate sector has moved forward with the tagline “go green” to accommodate serious concerns including air and noise pollution, health factor, sanitation etc. Considering the matter of energy crisis, there have been initiatives to club renewable sources to meet this current situation.

Go Greens with Mona Townships

 When luxurious apartments and housing facilities were a monopoly of privileged class once, the present decade and days to come make sure that those are available to everyone. As the present generation choose their dwelling place according to the locality, it has become necessary for developers to provide them the best facilities, both the interior features and exterior façade.


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