Monday, 22 August 2016

House speaks for you

Though most of the members at home are working these days, there are still many who enjoy being homemakers. For them, the home is their space to explore their happiness, talent, enjoyment etc.  Every house has some kind of story to tell, thus becoming the face of the people staying inside. A well-maintained, clean house is always an inviting factor for a guest, and most importantly, a motivating factor for the home dwellers.

There are many people who consider buying new things for home as a waste of money. Many a time, even if the house is clean, it does not look lively, as it is devoid of any life, i.e., it does not portray anything. Just painting the walls and putting some furniture, will not work to keep a home cool. Let us explore the possibilities!

When you have a separate house with a small piece of garden, you can start your experiment from there. You can place some wooden planks there and hang song pots having different varieties of orchid. White wooden fences, with flowering climbers spread around, can mesmerise your vision. The looks could be enhanced with grass carpets, some pebbles here and there, and a small pond with some water lilies or lotus. Stone clad path, with green grass in between, leading towards your home can give a wild, yet civilized look.

Now, our living space starts. We are entering the sit out, which is the face of the house. It can be done with stone cladding or wooden texture. Mostly, these days, shoe racks are made under the sitting slabs, in the concrete. The construction materials used here should be durable, as this remains as an open space inviting lots of sunlight and rain. 

Present day drawing room or living area follows minimalist concept. Very less things are displayed in order to avoid a congested feeling. You can replace your age-old heavy furniture with modern light-weight ones. It not only spreads beauty, but is easy to handle also. If you want to decorate more and if you have an inclination towards colours, you can try your luck as an artist according to the theme that you set for your living space. You can either play with paint, or stick something to a canvas, or cut something out of the screen. There are umpteen possibilities to experiment with your artistic talent.

Mona Geens, Zirakpur

Next page is dining room. Almost all the crockery items and refrigerator have moved from this area. As relations have been dwindled into digital world, this is the only place where all the family members meet together. So, it has to be given such a look that let them spend some more time there. Now, dining table lights are given directly above the table, with no need of putting other lights. This gives a cosy look.

Stair cases are made by utilizing minimum area, and its bottom portion can either be turned to a library or a small sitting arrangement can be done there. From there, we enter into the heart of your home, the bedroom. It is your private space, where you often do not like to entertain people. Still, it remains as one of the most cardinal positions, as your day begins and ends from there. Soothing colours on walls with double-layered curtains will be good enough to make it comfortable. You can keep some fragrant candles, fresh flowers etc.

Finally, the modular kitchen, which is mostly preferred these days, displays very less items outside. Small shelf for keeping recipe books is also maintained. If you do not have outer space, a space for indoor kitchen garden can be made.
Many old things are thrown away by people these days. But, if they are converted into something according to your taste, it can appeal your aesthetic sense, for example, glass and wooden pieces, carton boxes etc. When you give a new signature to those, it turns the lights of your home on. As they say, home is where the heart lies, so explore it aesthetically and let your home speak for you.

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