Thursday, 5 May 2016

It’s Time to Update your Home!

Home is the place where you ease out your tensions. Hence, it is very important to make the space lively. But, most of the people do furnishing in the beginning and ignore any kind of makeover later. Architects, too advise you to change at least the position of furniture once in six months. This gives us a feel of fresh look that always keeps us energetic.

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If you cannot afford a designer or decorator once again or you simply do not want to hire one, you can explore the possibility of a designer in yourself.  Maximum attention goes to the paint, furniture and the fabrics used inside. Hence, let us start from there.
     Home is all about the paint you choose. Once it is chosen, half of the task is done. It also depends upon the locality where you stay. If your house gets very less natural light, then go for light colours like white, ivory, beige etc. so that your rooms will not look dark. This can be supplemented with a pinch of contrast colour for enhancing the beauty.

But, if your interiors have too much light, it does not allow you to have privacy. Then, you can go for bright or darker shades in order to dim the light a bit. At the same time, make sure that this does not turn your room into a dark den.

As a part of recent trend, people try out multi colours according to their choice in each room. The techniques adopted for wall painting are really surprising. You can examine stencilling, sponging, brushing, ragging, frottage etc. If you have painting skills, you can directly paint some themes or pictures on a portion of the wall. Otherwise, you can choose wallpapers.

     Change your curtains and fabrics of furniture regularly. Cushion covers and pillow covers can be remodelled in your own style. If you want to go for traditional look, you can do kantha work, applique work or stitch some motifs on that. Contemporary digital prints too can adorn your rooms.

     If you are an avid reader, you will never forget to arrange a book shelf. You can keep it according to the colour or size of books. Further, instead of stuffing all the books in one place, you can keep some framed photographs or some decorative pieces alternatively.

     It is not always necessary to showcase the works of Michelangelo or Picasso. You can hang the paintings of your children at home. And, no one restricts you from placing a painting in your kitchen. Traditional kitchen was a place just for making food, which was reserved for female members at home. But now, it has become a common place for all. Modern kitchen is a place for keeping recipe books, small herbs, laptop etc. 

Experiment with your home and see the magic! 

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