Thursday, 7 April 2016

Colours can be our Soulmates

Have you ever felt that colours could talk to you? It is not just when you enjoy an art piece or a painting; but, the wall colours of your home and the home accessories too do the same. Hence, we have to be very careful in choosing colours for our rooms as they can actually affect our moods. 

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Interior designing is an art or way of designing the interior, mostly including the exterior, of a room or building, which includes building up concept, and after interacting with the stakeholder, design is executed. It shapes the interior space in such a way that it communicates with those who stay there. There was a time when people concentrated only on the design part, leaving the colour factor. Older days preferred only lighter shades for painting their walls, like white, off white, ivory, baby pink, olive green etc. But, these days, people are experimenting a wide range of color pallette, paying close attention to various, shades, textures and finishes.

More than 250 colours are available from colour cards for painting a room. Depensing upon the architectural theme of your house which could be contemporary, traditional, eclectic, cottage, Mediterranean, funky, urban, nautical, beach house, French, mid-century, farm house etc., you can then proceed to choose the shades of colors of your walls.

Contemporary designs normally go for a corporate look with minimal decorations inside the room. Be it living or dining or bedroom or kitchen, some choose a consistent colour theme with a continuity. But, many people go for different shades according to the choice of the members. Most of the time, the living room is arranged with very less number of furniture and decorative pieces. If you give light and neutral colour combination to walls in the living room, you can keep stylish and striking show pieces of any colour. One of the most common instances is ivory colour, which can accommodate any items, be it painting or decorative pieces or indoor green plants. Otherwise, you can set the lighting accordingly.

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Traditional styles often go for wooden colour shades, where rooms are crowded with furniture having intricate craft works. As this design demands a lot of care and maintenance, people mostly go for modern home styles, where portable set of furniture is placed instead of heavy wooden pieces.
Now, rooms are painted according to the wish of the particular room dweller. Kids’ bedroom will not be painted and arranged just like the master bedroom. For giving a lively look, bright and striking colours are spread all over the walls in the children’s room. It can be two-shaded also. Here, when one is dark, other can be light.

Modern houses make a small garden in front, which too is arranged in an orderly manner. Landscaping too is a part of interior designing. This is also done in tune with the colour choice of the house. Some houses are made like a bird nest, where garden is designed with a lot of European flowers and climbers creeping around white fences.

As colours can influence your mood, it is always advisable to go for the one you like. Finally, these days at home, most of the people hibernate inside their own room only. Hence, you have to decide it. When you look carefully, colours actually do interact with you!

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