Friday, 12 February 2016

Mohali- A Perfect Destination for Real Estate

With the programmes initiated by the present government in facilitating investment and business environment, a lot of sectors got proper boosting, with real estate to be named one among them. Recent surveys disclose that good transport connectivity, employment opportunities and availability of infrastructure serve as the key movers in this sector to make the related destinations attractive for real estate investments.
Taking all the indicators into consideration, Mohali emerges as a perfect destination for investing in real estate. Having a close proximity to Chandigarh, the city stays as an acclaimed space both in the list of investors and buyers. Mohali, Chandigarh and Panchkula, known as the tricity, celebrate the mutual advantages each has with the closeness.  

Mohali has been developed as a satellite city of Chandigarh to decongest the housing strain on it. It was eclipsed by the parent city for long. But now, it has emerged as a promising investment zone. There are several factors that justify the placing of Mohali as a perfect destination in the Indian real estate map. Mohali has been endowed with superior physical infrastructure such as Chandigarh international airport, railway station at SAS Nagar, presence of IT SEZ, upcoming metro rail, excellent road connectivity and other social infrastructures like schools, colleges, hospitals etc. There are many emerging development projects that give Mohali several descriptions like Education City or Knowledge City, an IT City, Commercial Centre etc. 

Mohali is distinguished as the only investment zone near Chandigarh, apart from Zirakpur, which has been renowned in giving returns on investment. Emerging as one of the promising destinations in north India, Mohali stays like a salad bowl with multiple options such as independent houses, villas, multi storey society apartments, builder flats etc. 

Many real estate developers have tried their luck in Mohali and the adjacent area. Mona Townships stands as the leading real estate company offering luxurious supreme apartments, both in residential and commercial segments. With the changing needs of time, the company takes the benefit of the available and upcoming technologies in improving their services. The excellent services provided by them too have attracted many to make Mohali their ideal destination.

This piece of writing foregrounds Mohali as an ideal destination in India for investing in real estate. It gives a brief description of the advantages and features of the city that make it any one’s first choice. With the initiatives of the present government, the place got further impetus in terms of investment and business. The present developments equipped the city with all the necessary ingredients for it to be chosen as the perfect destination for real estate investors and home buyers.

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