Friday, 27 November 2015

A Career in Real Estate Industry

So, you are thinking of pursuing a career in real estate? You might have heard a lot about a flexible schedule, be your own boss and commitment. Seems perfect, does not it ? Well, there are a lot of real estate industry concepts that must be understood before jumping into a career in it. You may hate your current job or be interested in opening a new chapter in your life. But, are you sure it's the real estate industry and not just the promises of wealth and flexibility that attracted you? Now , I can say that a flexible schedule means you will be available 24/7, and being your own boss can mean a constant pressure to hit the sales targets as well.

You have to think of being a real estate agent, which means being in constant touch with all sort of human resource - from labor to demands of multinational real estate company owners and the most technologically advanced white collar professionals - to understand and to even address their requirements for the smooth running of your business . If you are an independent entrepreneur, you have to pay attention to your own tax administration. You may need to hire an accountant or do research. Since this is your hard earned money, you want the government to encourage ownership of the small business with discounts. So, take advantage of this as soon as possible.

For the sale of goods, it should be listed with a broker. You can go with a brand that usually has some great tools for new agents, or with a small corridor with charm. My best advice is if you are serious about getting into real estate, it would be good to give a couple of media interviews with different brokers and their circulation in the market. Let everyone know you before you actually meet them. The thing to understand is that brokers too start loving you in the process. 

For a business to be successful, advertisement through a word of mouth is more effective. If you pick up the phone and start calling strangers, is may not work well. This may dampen your future brand image. If you can grit your teeth and bear with time, there are more chances for you to do well. You actually need to get connected with homeowners through right channels like newspaper ads, search engine optimization, social media channels and more. And, a word of mouth will always be your model behind all channels. Cheaper and more effective than advertising! The more connections you have, the greater is your business.  At all costs, you must grow your business, become knowledgeable, and maintain a reputation for yourself to get stuck in one hundred thousand of real estate businesses already established in various forms. 

Though every industry is always saturated enough for a newbie to come in and settle easily, the real estate has a bigger challenge as it requires more patience, courage and determination to make your place. However, after passing through the initial phase, this tree has the potential to bear some of the sweetest fruits.

 So, if you think you are for it, you are for it! All the best for your next jump!

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