Friday, 16 October 2015

Punjab- The best place for business, Mohali- The best place to co-ordinate!

With Narendra Modi taking one of the best initiatives of all time Prime Ministers of India visiting  country to country and getting many advanced and developed countries to look towards India as their manufacturing hub, Punjab Government takes the initiative to carry forward the drive by calling for investments in its state. With the recent initiatives of the Punjab Government, specially their one phone no. +91-172-2776001 for all investment queries in the state, it is deemed to be one of the best steps for many medium to small enterprises to come and quickly set up their new manufacturing or business in any part of the state. 
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Punjab is a state that got its name from the 5 rivers that ran through it and thus was one of the most environmental resource rich states from the old times. The soil is highly cultivable and the state rich in social cultures too. Moving along with time, Punjab has advanced as well and today, with the new revolution being eyed across the whole of India, Punjab offers lucrative schemes and resources that not many would like to miss. If you wish to set up a new business in Punjab, please consider the below points.
  • 24/7 Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • First Class air connectivity with 2 International Airports in one state, i.e. Mohali and Amritsar
  • Best Social Environment
  • Best government reforms
  • Best in Infrastructure with NH1 starting from Amritsar in Punjab and other state and national highways too.

    Mona Townships

     Punjab wishes to keep its neck further in comparison to other states. With this recent initiative to bring in most of investment, it has launched a new website called You can get all information about setting up your business in Punjab.

    The blue chip companies have already started to take action where recently in a summit in Mohali called Progressive Punjab, Mr. Mukesh Ambani from Reliance Industries has stated that they will invest Rs 2500 Cr in the state of Punjab in the coming days. So are the expected plans of other companies in different amounts. With so much of investments coming in, one can imagine the development that is anticipated in the state. Mohali being the epicentre of the activity is bound to get a big share being close to Chandigarh and also to the capital of India, Delhi. Mohali further is connected with fine roads to the other main cities of development, i.e., Ludhiana, Khanna, Jalandhar, Amritsar and more. And when there will be so much of development, residential sector will move hand in hand. Hence one can expect the residential sector of Mohali to build up greatly as well.

    Mona Greens Pic.

    Mohali is one of the most greenest and developed city of Punjab too and it takes the biggest advantage of being close to the shared capital of one of the world’s best city called Chandigarh, the city beautiful. Mohali is being developed on the same essence but with advantages of industrialization which Chandigarh always missed. There are various builders in Punjab and their first choice of area is none other than Mohali. It is a place where almost all the developers have their at least one real estate project. Amongst the various developers Mona Townships is a rising star! In a short span of time in comparison to some, we have developed 1 project and sold it completely and given possession already and in the process of making 2 more, i.e. Mona City and J90.

    Jade Business Park, Mohali

    Have a look at our Jade 90 (J90) project in Mohali which is situated at the epicenter of Mohali in Sector 90 which has a great connectivity to various parts of the city as well as being on one of the state highways gives great advantage of connecting to other highways and easy and speedy roads to Ludhiana, Chandigarh and other parts of Punjab and even other nearby states. J90 is just a few kilometers away from the newly inaugurated international airport of Mohali. Being a project with great connectivity, we are presently even the largest commercial development in the whole of the city and to make a deal undeniable J90 offers residential units in the same project to suit live and work culture. Prices? No, you do not have to say, get the best deals, contact us on any of our websites of straight toll no. 1800 3000 3143

    Read more about our J90 project and its connectivity to various important places here: and contact us on our phone nos. or query forms

    for any further information.

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