Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Developer`s Reputation

With India`s economy on the upward surge again, people are now confident about buying homes, nevertheless purchasing a home is an investment where the scope of error is minimal and yet things do go wrong. Buyers should be careful in this regard and do business with developers who have proven credentials so that they are assured of buying a quality product.

Factors important when choosing a developer

  •  Legal Clearance: Every project whether residential or commercial needs to get a number of clearances and permission from different government agencies. Reputed builders will ensure that all their projects have the necessary approvals ready; with their reputation at stake they do not tale these matters lightly. Nowadays we keep reading in the newspapers about illegal construction being rampant across the country, this generally happens when the builder is either unscrupulous or he is inexperienced who either did not bother to get all the approvals or simply didn’t knew about the permissions they need to obtain.
  • Timely possession: In most cases developers offer their projects for sale before it is actually completed. When you purchase a home in a under construction project, the builder gives you a deadline by which possession will be given. Reputed builders will not push the possession date unless absolutely necessary because they will under no circumstances tarnish their reputations also financially they are properly funded. Most of the projects that are not delivered in time are because of shortage of capitalization or not getting the required licenses and approvals on time. Reputed builders very rarely stray away from their schedule.
  • Homes with Construction Defects: Market credibility is the keyword for reputed builders that are their USP; they will never offer homes with construction defects like defective plumbing, flawed electrical wiring, water seepage etc. They will always offer the right size and shape of room in sync with the project design.

  • Quality Control: Is an integral part of every building, reputed builders take care of this aspect in every project that they undertake, their team of highly trained engineers will check every aspect of structural integrity during construction process including proper soil testing, earthquake resistance of the building. This ensures that as a buyer you would not suffer from any construction related defects.
  •  Amenities: Developers with repute know that just by providing four walls will not suffice the needs of the buyer who are looking for a good lifestyle and a sense of grandeur when they enter into their dream abode. Hence they will always provide the best amenities like security, internal access roads, playgrounds, clubhouse, gymnasium, shopping arena and aesthetically landscaped open spaces in their projects, on the other hand developers who lack credentials and credibility will keep their projects to the bare essentials to fight the price war, the aim being to attract customers who are budget strung who are not looking beyond their financial restrictions.

It is a fact that buyers do check the reputation of a developer before investing and it goes without saying that a home by reputable developer will cost more than any anonymous builder however it is always good to go for a project by a reputed developer so that you can own your dream abode with a complete peace of mind.

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