Sunday, 29 March 2015

Are Indians ‘Flat’ over the Flat Culture?

In the ever changing world, nothing is constant but space. The population is increasing, the wishes and desires of people are increasing, but the space available for them is just the same as it was before. Why do you think the culture of ‘havelis’ and ‘bungalows’ is perishing in India? The unmanageable population? The rising trend of nuclear families? 

Each of these reasons is a possible explanation for the increased demand of flats in India. People are preferring small 2-3 BHK flats in comparison with bungalows or duplexes. What has made Indians move away from the ‘luxury’ of bungalows to apartments?
The first one is obviously lack of space. India’s population is so high that if everyone settles for a bungalow, we would someday have to move out of our country for space. This necessity gave rise to the tall apartments that shelter many families in spite of not taking up much ground space. The problem of scarcity of space has been dealt with very well in this way.  Also, with growing culture of nuclear families, people started settling for smaller houses, flats instead of large ones. As it is, when you have a very large house, maintaining it requires a lot of time and attention. Not to mention an enormous amount of money. It is said that lakhs of rupees have to be spent for the maintenance of the bungalows on Alipur Road and Sainik Farms etc. in Delhi. So why not go for a comfortable 3BHK flat and spare ourselves the horror of cleaning and maintaining each nook and corner of the house? With more and more families having two earning members or more, the trend for a small cosy home has really shown magic with apartments being a big hit in many cities.

For nuclear families, as they are quite common, more than joint ones, buying a nice cosy flat is easier in monetary terms than waiting to collect money to buy a bungalow. As per the demands of the buyers, the flats can be bought in easy installment plans, without putting much pressure on the customer’s shoulders.
Another perk of living in a flat is that it makes you mix up with people from different cultures, states and religions. As it is, you do not control who is going to be your neighbour when you buy a house. And most of the times, the Residents Welfare Associations of different colonies organise any get together parties and other functions that allow you to mix with different families in the neighborhood and lead a healthy social life. People living in apartments together become like families, a feeling that is often missed in many colonies. And for today’s work-prone-recreation-deprived families, mix-ups like these are very important. 
Living in apartments also instils a feeling of security among the residents. It becomes very inexpensive and trouble-free to hire security personnel for the whole apartment, or to leave the children under neighbors’ care if something urgent comes up. 

Various real estate companies have undertaken projects to construct apartments in various cities in India. The Flat Culture is full-on successful in major cities, and it is growing every day to reach the innermost cities of India. And with years passing, the designs and architecture of these flats have become so less space consuming and efficient. People can build so beautiful homes in the limited space they have. Also, architects have come up with designs that make even small spaces look bigger and open. The culture has developed so much that every day new designs for construction are being approved in the remotest cities of the country.

One such company that takes into account all desires and dreams of the people while making designs is ‘Mona Townships’. All its ongoing projects, Mona Greens and Mona Greens II in Zirakpur, and Mona City and Jade Business Park in Mohali are perfectly suited to the desires and wants of its customers. Carefully planned and designed, Mona Townships’ Projects make sure that the residents of the flats have the time of their life during their stay in the flats. The interiors and exteriors are all set according to the expectations of the residents, making full and efficient use of the space and land provided. And the best part of it, is the location of the projects. All the real estate projects are situated in major areas in Mohali and Zirakpur, Mona Greens on VIP road in Zirakpur, Mona City on famous Khazar-Landran Road in Mohali and Jade Business Park in sector 90, Mohali.


 So if you really are ‘flat’ over the flat culture, and are planning to buy a 3/4 BHK flat in Mohali, Zirakpur and nearby areas, you know what and where to search for.
Go for comfort that you will always remember.

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