Monday, 3 November 2014

Coming Gurparva Invest in Mona City, Mohali.

Indian culture is full of festivals. These festivals are symbolic to auspicious occasions where we welcome being in harmony with the universal energy. It also ignites the richness and flavour of the occasion, creating special bonds.

Golden Temple

Coming across is Gurupurab, One of the biggest celebrations for the Sikh community, the birthday of the first guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Celebrations are all around; people visit gurudwara to offer prayers and light up candles to express their love and respect for the holy festival. He was the mystical guru to give a new outlook to life. Guru Nanak Dev Ji redefined religion by saying God is One. The holy Granth, Guru Granth Sahib Ji is full of his preaching, showing a practical way of life to the followers. Most of his preaching is from his travels; across India including Pakistan, (which was then a part of India) The sacred Guru Granth Sahib Ji includes the baani of Ram, Rahim, Kabir, Fakirs and Saints.

He simplified religion by a simple act of coming together and singing hymns in praise of god, THE ONLY ONE. The message of love and peace, living in communal harmony, rising above petty differences and weakness was embraced by the multitude in the northern regions of India.

People celebrate this day by visiting the Gurudwara, and join in cultural and religious festivities. Gurudwara Shri Amb Sahib is known for trees producing amb in the month of December, is located in Mohali, place with a holy shrine, is suppose to be fruitful blissful for the residents and investing in Mohali the land of miracle has its special importance.


Why invest at Mona city
As community living is a very staunch belief in the roots of north Indians, living with your own kind is very essential fact because we bond culturally too. Investing in a new property in Mona City Mohali is one way we can be close to our roots. Giving an example, recently one of our neighbours who came from South of India, struggled to find similar food dishes from her native place and even missed enjoying the festivals they used to celebrate. When we talk about India as one, globalization but it is most comfortable living together in harmony with the culture and society we grow up. Imagine celebrating Gurparab at a place where a Gurudwara is accessible easily. At Mohali you can actively participate in all the festivities of gurparab like the akhand path, the procession, the asa-di –war and langar. It is the best for birds of a feather to flock together.


Why Property at Mona City and not gold
Generally, we purchase gold as an investment at any auspicious occasion with the belief it increases manifold. The trend is gradually changing. When we are looking for a secure investment that increases at a steady but reasonably quick rate then our choice should be property and not gold. With the new government policies and industrialization, Gold will give a very low return on investment. It might not even reach its high boom of 35000/- per 10 gms as its previous record. With the increase in industrialization, Property rates will soon be at an all time high. One must invest in property like Mona City at Prime and upcoming location of Mohali, to get a comparatively better return on investment.

Mobility and requirement of human resources
With all the offers investment and growth, given by our respected Prime Minister Mr. N Modi, for increase in industrialization and production, the best time is to invest now. Mohali is the most developing area in the Chandigarh region or the Tricity It has industries coming up at a fast pace. Many top industrial players are investing in business and industry. At present Mona city enjoys the advantage of a prime location at Mohali. With people coming in the demand of living space will increase due to which the costs of the properties here will also be on the upward plunge. You must invest when it is the correct time and this is a perfect timing.
Location :
Mona City Mohali is located in such a prime area that all basic amenities essential for a comfortable living are available. It is very close to the highway. Transport is very easily accessible. Schools and colleges are near. It is close to the market and malls too. Having such advantages, it makes a prime location for investment and the best choice of the people who wish to invest. If you plan to live there all amenities are at your advantage. If you plan to just invest and rent it out, due to these advantages, it will fetch the best rental income for you.
Flat of your choice
As many people are sure to invest in real estate, this auspicious occasion, it is advisable to do a rain check if you are interested. The flats at Mona City are built in such a way that the buyer likes it at the first sight. If you are planning on an investment, you should make your decision quickly as you get a flat of your first choice. You can choose the block, the floor, and the positioning of your flat and even your flat number! Being late, you miss the advantage of selecting a flat of your choice and since you like the scheme, you might have to settle for the second best. The Guru Parab Festival is one such time to make most of the occasion.

Advantage of direct dealing
When the property is under construction, you as a buyer have the advantage of dealing directly with the builder. You have all the first hand information of the property you plan to invest. Purchasing a pre –owned flat has its own misgivings. It is always safer to deal directly with the builder as you buy new unused flats. Mona City is built by Mona Townships: a builder of high repute, enjoy your buying and living experience with people who take pride in their quality work.

Make full use of your time to the best and invest in Mona City Mohali, this Gurparab. Guru Nanak dev started a revolutionary movement, where all people, irrespective of cast and creed participated. Since he was the one to bring enlightenment into the world, his birthday is known as “Prakash Utsav” also. Let there be a halo of blessings and light in your life while you invest in Mona City Mohali, this Gurparab.

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