Thursday, 18 September 2014

3 BHK Sample Flat In Mona Greens

When it comes to seeking a residential space that offers complete luxury and comfort within a reasonable budget, Mona Greens is definitely the right place to start the search. The project offers a choice of 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments, each of which has been designed to provide ample space and great comfort through well-laid out design and intelligent decoration. For people seeking a luxurious living with large open spaces and a modernistic design, the 3 BHK flats in Mona greens are sure to win their hearts with their wide and open spaces and a combination of great aesthetics.  Given below are the brief details of the various parts of a 3BHK apartment house in Mona Greens.

The Luxury of Space
Every apartment in Mona green has been designed to utilize space in a functional and practical manner with special focus on avoiding the creation of any cramped corners. Right from the 2BHK flats covering 1110 sq. feet to the elegant 4BHK apartments spread over 2292 sq feet each, Mona Greens provides ample space to ensure heart-warming comfort and effortless elegance to the residents. Every single apartment in the 283 unit residential project boasts of large spacious bedrooms, living area, modular kitchen and toilets fitted with the right kind of equipments and accessories for a relaxed and peaceful existence. The materials used have been chosen not only to match the overall d├ęcor of the apartments but also to ensure the safety of the residents by minimizing any chances of accidents.

The Entrance
The entrance to the flats is guarded by a strong and sturdy door that enhances the safety and privacy of the residents. These UPVC doors feature exclusive designs and colors and are extremely easy to operate with minimal noise. These doors offer a long life even through extensive usage, which can prove especially beneficial for households that receive frequent guests and visitors. The doors add to beauty of the interiors with their elegantly attractive and modern look. 

Drawing/ Living Room
Just beyond the main entrance to the flat is the well laid-out drawing cum living room. This semi furnished space presents a majestic look and appeal to both the residents and their guests as the fluorescent while light fitted in the ceiling is reflected by the high quality vitrified tiles of the floor and the white distemper coating on the walls. Depending on the personal needs and preferences of the residents, the room can be converted into a family room meant for relaxation and entertainment or even kids play room or a study room or simply let it serve the function of a drawing/living room. A door on the rear side leads to a balcony that provides a magnificent view of the surroundings especially at sunrise and sunset

Kitchen/ Dining Area
Moving along the right interior wall of the main entrance and beyond the drawing room is a large open space with a modular kitchen located at its rear left side. Residents can use the hall like space as the family dining area. The ample lighting and free space makes it easy to move around while serving food to family members or guests. The simple yet elegant design of the dining area is sure amaze people at least for the first few weeks after they shift into the apartment.
The kitchen is fitted with black granite counter top besides which there is a single bowl single drain stainless steel kitchen provided for washing. There are enough cupboards both at floor level and above the counter top that make arrangement and storage of utensils, jars and other kitchen accessories quite easy. In addition, the kitchen is also fitted with enough modular switches to connect various appliances. The floor is covered with anti-skid tiles, which minimizes the risk of accidents on a wet floor.

Guest Bedroom
The first of the 3 bedrooms is located along the right interior wall exactly on the opposite side of the kitchen. The bedroom has an attached bathroom just inside the entrance along the left wall while, beyond which door leads to another balcony. There is another door on the rear side of the bedroom that leads directly outside the apartment. The bedroom is fitted with a wardrobe adjacent to which is provided a place for mounting an LCD TV.   

Master Bedroom
 The master bedroom is situated behind the interior wall of the kitchen and is designed to enable the home owners to relax and have fun within their own private space. This bedroom also features a small seating space and is also provided with an attached master bathroom and a closet. The wardroom is well sized and there is also a rear door leading to yet another balcony from where the house owners can enjoy a great view of the lush green surroundings of Mona Greens.

Second Bedroom
The second bedroom is situated just adjacent to the master bedroom and is slightly smaller than the same. The attached bathroom and the small adjoining balcony complete the bedroom adding to its beautiful look and appeal. The closet is a part of one of the walls and has ample space to fit in a large  number of clothes and accessories.

 All three bathrooms are designed to provide total privacy to the occupants. The use of high quality accessories ensures that the residents do not face any unexpected problems while answering nature’s calls or performing other cleanliness routines.  In addition the floors have been fitted with anti—skid tiles to prevent any mishaps especially when water gets spilled all over.


The above description of a 3BHK apartment house in Mona Greens, makes it quite clear as to why the project is the first choice of people seeking ultimate luxury and comfort within an urbane settings. Although the construction is still in progress, there is already much excitement about the project among the people which is evident from the fact that a large number of flats have already been booked. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that Mona Greens is all set to redefine luxury living in Zirakpur!

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