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Why buy a new home in Navratras?

Indians worship Maa Durga during this Sharad Navratras. These nine auspicious days, we worship the nine different forms of Maa Bhagwati, each day has an importance and significance of its own. It is a common belief that Maa Durga descends from her heavenly abode to visit us and bless us with wealth and prosperity. These are the best days to invest as the best of all energies and positivity manifest during these days.
 Importance of daily worship, and what it signifies.

First day - Maa Shailputri. She heals and manifests our thoughts and emotions. Bringing all positivity and removing blocks.
Maa Shailputri.

Second Day - Maa Bharamhacharini . She is the harbinger of fame and fortune to our family.

Maa Bharamhacharini 

Third Day – Maa Chandraghanta. She is the giver of peace and serenity. She also enhances the growth of all our activities.
Maa Chandraghanta

Fourth Day – Maa Kushmanda. She is the destroyer of all sorrows and mother of regeneration.

Maa Kushmanda

Fifth Day – Maa Skandmata. She brings blessings from all Devas and Devis from heaven activating strength and wealth in our homes.
Maa Skandmata

Sixth Day – Maa Kaatyayani. She is the mother of protection and fulfiller of our wishes. She helps us to do good and take correct decisions.
Maa Kaatyayani

Seventh day – Maa Kalraatri. She gives us opportunities and helps us in reaching our goals by giving us strength and protection. 
Maa Kalraatri

Eighth Day – Maa Mahagauri. She helps us meet the right people hence; we associate ourselves with good surroundings and neighbours.
Maa Mahagauri

Ninth Day Maa Siddhidatri. She helps us to attain victory by defeating all our inhibitions. It is a day for being victorious.
Maa Siddhidatri

Investing in property during these nine auspicious days, manifests all positivity to our newly acquired homes, hence this is the best time to invest in real estate.

Decide on the place for settling down
A home is our comfort zone .If you are a Resident Indian or an NRI, every person wants to retire in their native place where the people and culture is theirs. Generally, Navratra is the time when you visit your native place to offer puja and get blessings of Devi Maa. Take this opportunity to check out on the place (city or town) where you would like to settle down and the home you would want to come back to. Zero down the area where you want to live keeping in mind the weather, schooling facilities, proximity to relatives, amenities provided should suit your needs. If you are from the north, there are various schemes by Mona Townships in different locations for you to choose.

Choose the correct realtor to invest with
Once you have made a choice to invest during the Navratras, get going to look for the realtor you can invest with. The property owner should be able to give you a vast choice. So you can choose from the many properties that best suits your family needs and budget. Mona Townships has various different properties at different locations suiting all pockets. All having a strong promise of lifestyle and high end living .Keep in mind, honesty, sincerity and commitment should be the builder’s mantra. Experiencing at your initial interaction will help you choose the best.
 The Finance Equation
This is the main deciding factor that affects the purchase of your house. Different areas have different rates. Choose carefully as it is a big one-time investment. You have all the nine days of auspicious time. Try to pay a substantial down payment so that your borrowings will be comparatively less. You can have an advantage of discounts that the builder gives for new schemes and festive season. Since you presently might not want to settle down, you can arrange for rental income from the property, so your costs can be nullified or be comparatively less. You also have the satisfaction of buying your dream home at a fruitful time, which reaps benefits.

Builders Finance and Ownership papers
The new house that you are investing in should be clear. Check the builder’s credentials before you make a decision. Check land ownership papers, Bank mortgage papers, if any –For this, you will need a no objection certificate from the bank. A commencement certificate is also required. Best is to hire a lawyer to make sure you are purchasing safe and secure. Since Navratra is the time for boom in real estate, the realtors arrange for easy and hassle free formalities. If you are a NRI or an Indian citizen, while you have come to your native land on an auspicious occasion, you have a period of nine days to look, analyze and decide your future home.

Since you have a short period of nine days, you should make the most of it. The market rates for the area is growing almost 8 to 10% every year, use your time and money constructively and invest during the auspicious season.

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