Monday, 10 February 2014

Plan well for a Dream home

Planning makes the house perfect!!

Never rush to finalize your house plan. Concentrate over it a dozen of times, every time visualize each room and space and provision in it. Visit a few of your favorite houses, get ideas and again examine which one works the best and check if it meets all your requirements. Buying a dream home requires framing a well thought out plan that includes every aspect that affects the overall interior process.

Ingenuity and excellence are the key strength to deliver error free, on time, high quality designs while buying a home. The finest amenities, innovative architecture, signature interiors, quality construction, all these attributes must define the flats. It will be an extra ordinary moment to see your dream home become a newly decorated, vibrantly adorned reality. Mona Greens is a home that enhances your lives and holds your family.

With well over a million mans a day have put their hard work in the work and employees remain at the epicenter of our organizations. It is deliberately designed with a perfect combination of modernity and cleverness where nature is encountered anew, at every spin. It does not matter whether it is fully furnished or semi furnished, as you can say each has its own pros and cons. For now I will talk about the pros only, if you pick up the semi furnished flats, in this you have the opportunity to decide your own settings and plan as you want. In case of fully furnished it comes with everything one needs and there is no need to spend extra money on that.

Every one of them promises to make your dream home into luxurious home with respect to both interiors and exterior wit incredible design delivery. In an interaction with various people, they first decide what sort of design people prefer nowadays. Each flat in Zirakpur that is of Mona Townships has been designed by renowned architects. It will have all the basic amenities and facilities. This group has launched many of its projects; one among them is Mona Greens which has touched the level of expectations of people. After its huge success they decide to construct few more projects namely Mona Greens II, Mona City and Mona Paradise. Now they have planned one more project Aero Villas which is under process.
If we just discuss about its first successful project, Mona Greens it has got many things in relation to its appreciation. But after its success Mona Greens II project was started which is not less than the previous projects. It offers a full range of cozy bedrooms, balconies and many other facilities which everyone would love to be in. 

Mona Greens II is a freehold Semi-furnished flats located at Gazipur just few kilometers away from Chandigarh Railway Station. Gazipur Road, which has emerged as the most important hub of future development. Mona Greens II is made with a vision of excellence based on attention to detail and maximum efficiency. With its intimate surroundings, signature of elegance to experience true rejuvenation and genuine services and you can say it is the epitome of beauty, serenity and colonial charm. Flats are fully equipped with state-of-the-art quality constructions and upper bound facilities to ensure the smooth running. 

You can experience an exceptional executive with unique living space concepts and aim at creating ourselves as a standout amongst the most trusted land organization in India. They mainly focus at turning your dream into the best organization in sector and take pride in developing state-of-the-art residential townships, apartments and commercial complexes across tri-city.
Its interior designing is done with excellence and perfection. This flat has a perfect combination of strategies from room to washrooms. Several architects have contributed to the database of design ideas that one can leaf through to get new ideas to decorate the home.

They offer the classic, latest, creative and innovative self moderated interior services, creating new ideas that gives life to the walls, ceilings and rooms. They call to place your own intimate interior design to the customer.

If we talk about the surrounding, as I told it is strategically located at Gazipur Road and is surrounded by various other destinations like Apples Height, Cosmo plaza, West Side Mall, City Emporium Mall, Lifestyle stores, Elante Chandigarh, Royale Paam. If we talk about the places that are encircling the Mona Greens II:
  1. ChattBir Zoo: It is a zoological park located near Zirakpur, India that houses hundreds of different mammals, birds and reptiles. One of the major attractions of ChattBir Zoo near Chandigarh is the lion safari.
  2. Gurdwara Nabha Sahib: Gurdwara Nabha Sahib reminds us that the Sikh history of the area dates back to 1695. This magnificent shrine is located about 15 Km from Chandigarh on the road to Patiala; the Zirakpur Highway.

  3. Paras Downtown Square: Paras Downtown Square is a shopping mall in Zirakpur, Punjab, India. It is the biggest shopping mall in the entire region comprising Chandigarh and its satellite cities.
Mona Greens II will make people experience living a better life than expected, shopping easier and city life safer in the largest and most forward thinking societies in the world. Each city near to Zirakpur brings together the most modern services that will simplify and enhances people’s everyday lives.

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